Is Lower Back Pain Linked To Cervical Cancer – Causes & Treatment

Is lower back pain linked to cervical cancer? Yes, in some cases, it has been seen that back pain is due to cervical cancer.

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This type of cancer does not show any symptoms at an early stage. You have to keep yourself healthy to avoid this cancer type.

Is Lower Back Pain Linked To Cervical Cancer

Cancer present in your cervix cells is called cervical cancer. The cervix is the canal that connects the vagina to the uterus.

Cervical cancer has been seen in women over the age of 30. Women with more age have weakened immune systems, which can’t fight infections.

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Cervical cancer causes lower back pain in most cases. The tumor is present in the cervix and inserts pressure on the spine as well. This pressure causes pain in the lower back.

The tumor puts pressure on the back muscles and nerves also. They affect the spine and back tissues. It can cause chronic lower back pain in further stages of cancer.

Causes Of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer can affect your body due to various causes. It can spread in your body from one cell to another. These are the common causes of cervical cancer which I’ve noticed in my patients;

1. Diet:

What you eat in a day affects your body. Poor diet increases the risk of many diseases in the body. It increases the chance of cervical cancer.

It is because if you don’t have enough intake of healthy fruits and vegetables, it can damage your immune system. It decreases the ability to fight infection and viruses.

2. Smoking:

Smoking is injurious to health. It impacts your health and has many dangerous side effects on your body. It decreases the oxygen supply to your complete body.

t can cause cervical cancer in many people. It damages the protective cells of the body and creates infection inside the body. Smoking increases the chance of cervical cancer.

3. Age:

Age is another cause of cervical cancer. It has been seen that women aged 30+ are diagnosed with cervical cancer more often.

After the age of 30, our body weakens against viruses and infections. Our immune system starts to weaken with time.

4. Transmitted Sexually:

Cervical cancer can transmit from one person to another. The most common way is the sexual transmission. Sexually transmitted infections are known as HPV.

HPV infection can transmit from one affected person to another. It can happen due to unprotected sex or sex with an already affected person.

Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer does not show symptoms at its early stage. After some time, people with cervical cancer may experience these symptoms at first.

The following are the most common symptoms of cervical cancer;

1. Pelvic Pain:

You may feel pain in the pelvis. There is a chance that this pain may get worse after having sex or during sex. This pain becomes more severe as the tumor grows in the cervix.

In this condition, you should consult your gynecologist. They can understand the situation better and guide you about the treatment options.

2. Lower Back Pain:

Lower back pain is another symptom of cervical cancer. Due to cervical cancer, people face lower back pain because it inserts pressure on the spine.

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The cancer cell in the cervix put pressure on the back muscles and the spine. This pain can further extend to the legs as well.

3. Vaginal Bleeding:

When you have cervical cancer, you may face vaginal bleeding. It is because the cancer cells damage the cervix badly, which causes bleeding.

This condition can happen more often after intercourse or during your periods. Due to this condition, women may face periods for long days with heavy excessive bleeding.

4. Tiredness:

Tiredness can be a sign of cervical cancer. People with tough routines and exercise can also feel tiredness and fatigue at the end of the day.

One should go for daily checkups to find the actual reason for tiredness. Your doctor can guide you better about your health condition.

5. Urination Pain:

During cervical cancer, one may feel urinating pain. The tumor present in the cervix also affects the bladder. It inserts the pressure on the bladder.

This pressure leads to pain during urination. You may be unable to control urination due to this pressure on the bladder.  

Treatment Options For Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer can be cured with various treatment options. These treatments are applied and suggested by experienced physicians.

The following are the common treatment options for cervical cancer;

1. Surgery:

Surgery is considered the most effective and common treatment for cervical cancer. The doctor removes the tumor or cancerous cells from your body through surgery.

Surgery can cause different side effects in the body. Pain, bleeding, and infection are common reactions to surgery.

2. Chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy is a tested solution for any cancer. This is a drug treatment option for cancer. These drugs are made of chemicals.

In this process, different chemicals are used to kill the cancerous cells in the body. This can be combined with surgery and radiation therapy for cancer treatment.

3. Radiation Therapy:

Its name signifies that radiation is used to cure cervical cancer in this process. Physicians use high ode radiation to kill the cancerous cells in the body.

It can be used with surgery and chemotherapy. You may feel irritation on your skin after radiation therapy. It can also cause fatigue and hair loss as well.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain Due To Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is connected to lower back pain. The cancerous cells in the cervix also affect the lower back muscles. These cells damage the spine and back nerves.

The following are the basic causes of lower back pain due to cervical cancer;

1. Pressure On Nerves:

Due to cervical cancer, the tumor present in the cervix inserts the pressure on spinal nerves. This pressure can cause lower back pain.

These cancerous cells insert pressure on the back muscles and tissues. This pain can further extend to the shoulders and neck.  

2. Vertebral Compression:

The cancerous cells or tumors can put pressure on the vertebrae. Due to this pressure, people face spinal compression. This can cause serious lower back pain. In this situation, people feel a very sharp pain in the spine.

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The tumor can also cause inflammation in the spine and back tissues. Spinal compression is also connected to nerve compression. This can cause pain in other body parts.

3. Spinal Cord Damage:

The cervical cancer cells damage the spinal cord. They can harm the back muscles and nerves. This nerve damage can further extend to the legs and feet.

It causes pain in the lower back and in the legs as well. This condition can cause permanent paralysis or other complications in the body.


Cervical cancer is becoming very dangerous if not treated at the initial stages. You can not judge this cancer at an early stage. It shows symptoms after cells have affected a larger area.

People with cervical cancer face lower back pain more often. There are several causes of lower back pain, but cervical cancer can be one of them.

To avoid complications later, you should do your daily checkup in case of pain. You should consult your doctor in case of sharp pain in your back and spine.

Try to avoid all the harmful activities which can cause cervical cancer. Always remember the causes of cervical cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are There Any Side Effects Of Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is used for the treatment of cancer. It can be used for cervical cancer. It can show some side effects as a result of this therapy.

Patients may experience hair loss after chemotherapy. Nausea, vomiting, and fatigue are common side effects. These can get better after some time.

These symptoms show that your chemotherapy has been done correctly and is working effectively.

2. When To Consult A Physician About Cervical Cancer?

When you face serious lower back pain due to unusual causes, you should get yourself check at least once. Serious lower back pain is a sign of cervical cancer.

You should remember these symptoms as well. In case of pain, you should consult your physician. They will examine you and try to find the cause of the pain.

The doctor will suggest you treatment options and medications for the disease.

3. What Is Meant Of Metastasized Cervical Cancer?

Metastasize is the process when the cancer cells spread from one area to another body area. They can further move to organs and blood vessels.

It can cause lower back pain due to cervical cancer. Metastasized cervical cancer can cause bone fractures, paralysis, and nerve damage.

In this situation, you should consult your physician. They will run some tests to understand your health condition. After that, they will suggest treatments and medications.

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