Lower Back Pain Driving Manually – Causes & Treatment

People face lower back pain driving manually more often. Sitting for a long and continuous time can create stress in your spine. It makes the back muscles tense and stiff. 

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I’ve seen in my medical history that people who drive with inappropriate measures face back more often. Major causes and treatment tips are explained here.

Lower Back Pain Driving Manually

Driving is a common passion of everyone now. Driving manually includes your complete body muscles.

Not practicing well can affect the neck, back, and shoulder muscles. Your posture and seat should be in the correct position.

wheel - lower back pain driving manually

Alignment of the spine is important to avoid lower back pain while driving manually. Your spine should be in the right dimension. Your back should have proper support while driving. It makes muscles relaxed and pain-free.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain Driving Manually

Lower back pain while driving manually can be due to various reasons. It needs proper guidance about driving initial tips. I have seen these causes more commonly in many patients.

Common causes which are seen in many people are the following;

1. Incorrect Positioning:

While driving manually, your back and legs need the correct position. You have to sit for a long time. You must check your position first and then start driving.

Make your body relaxed and comfortable on your seat. Incorrect positioning can cause serious lower back pain especially when driving manually.

2. Poor Support:

Your back needs proper support while sitting. It makes back muscles relaxed and calm. If your back and spine don’t have the support you need, it will cause lower back pain while driving. 

The seat position should support the back, spine, and neck. Try to use a towel behind your back to give it proper support. It can alleviate back pain.

3. Wrong Posture:

Your posture matters a lot while sitting in the driving seat. Wrong posture throughout your drive can damage your back muscles. It causes lower back pain.  

seat - lower back pain driving manually

Due to the wrong posture, you can face displacement of the spine. It can also increase stress and tension on your knees when you drive.

4. Long Drive:

When you drive manually for a long time, it damages the lumber curve of the spine. It creates strained muscles in the back. Your muscles should be flexible enough for any movement in the body.

Long drives without a break can cause severe lower back pain. It reduces the blood flow to all the body parts. In automatic cars it is easy to drive for long time.

5. Vibration In Car:

Vibration in the car can cause lower back pain while driving manually. Constant vibration is not good for your body. Use a cushion to reduce this vibration.

There are special cushions designed for the car seats to reduce back pain. These cushions work as a shock absorber for back muscles.

Lower Back Pain While Driving -Treatment Options

Your health condition needs more attention and safety measures. Experienced physicians suggest these treatment options to reduce back pain.

I’ve noticed that these options have made many positive changes in your body. It reduces pain and makes muscles more relaxed.

1. Adjust Seat Position:

While sitting in your car, you should adjust the seat first. Make sure to have a flat back with your seat. Your back should be adjustable to your seat.

The seat should not be too far from the pedals. So your legs can reach there easily. Your legs should be in a comfortable place so they can support your back.

2. Correct Your Posture:

Make sure your posture is in the correct foam. Incorrect posture cause strained muscles in the back. Make your back comfortable with the seat. It reduces the stiffness in your back muscles.

Your arms should reach the steering wheel easily. You don’t have to move forward to move the steering wheel. It can cause stiffness in back muscles.

3. Support Your Back:

Adjust the seat in such a way that it supports your back. Your spine should be in a comfortable position to reduce the chance of lower back pain driving manually.

pain - lower back pain driving manually

Lumbar support while driving manually is important. Your back muscles and neck should be in a straight position. Any inconvenience in your neck and spine can cause the strained muscle in the back.

4. Try Head Or Cold Packs:

Always remember to have heat or cold packs with you while driving. Use either heat packs or cold packs, which suit you better for back pain relief.

You can apply the packs on your back or neck muscles to make them relax. It makes blood circulation better in the body. It reduces stiffness in your back muscles.

5. Exercise:

Add a little exercise and stretching to your daily routine. It can alleviate body aches. It makes muscles and bones strong. It improves blood supply to all body parts and muscles.

Stretching relax the tense muscles in the body. Also, take some breaks during your driving time. Perform little stretching and make your back relaxed.

6. Herbal Medication:

There is a certain herbal medication used to relieve lower back pain. Herbal remedies affect back pain problems and muscle stiffness. Many physicians recommend atrogel herbal remedy.

It is a gel designed for the treatment of stiff muscles and body aches. You have to rub a little amount of gel on the affected area. It can reduce lower back pain driving manually.

When To Consult A Physician

Lower back pain can get worse if not treated at the initial stage. It can indicate an underlying medical condition if you feel severe lower back pain driving manually. You should consult a physician if it’s not getting better after rest.

Proper treatment and medication can alleviate back pain. Doctors can suggest any massage therapy or acupuncture treatment for pain relief. Both methods reduce lower back pain without using any medicine.

The chance of lower back pain in an automatic car is less than in driving manually. Automatic cars have functions which makes you in rest position without any stress.


Lower back pain driving manual car is a serious medical condition that should be treated well. Making some changes in your driving habits can benefit your lower back.

Weak back muscles can cause more body aches. It includes the spine, neck, and shoulder muscles. It can affect other muscles and tissues as well.

By adjusting your car seat and correcting your posture, you can get rid of this pain. Use any pillow to support your back on the seat. If you are on a long drive, try to take some rest. Do little stretching.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can A Car Seat Help To Reduce Lower Back Pain?

It can reduce lower back pain if your car seat is in the right position against your back. Your seat should support your back and spine. It can help in keeping your back muscles and spine in a natural position.

You can use a cushion or pillow to support your back. Your back muscles should be in a relaxed position to alleviate lower back pain.

2. How To Reduce Lower Back Pain While Driving?

While driving, you can damage your back muscles and tissues. You should know the basic tips to reduce the chance of lower back pain. Adjust your seat position first.

It should be in a comfortable position so you can reach the pedals easily. Your back should have enough support so it can make back muscles relax. Correct your posture while driving manually.

3. Can Driving Cause Neck And Shoulder Pain?

While driving, if your body is not in the right position concerning the car, it can cause neck and shoulder pain. Holding the wheel with extra force can create stiffness in your neck and shoulder.

Keep your legs close to the pedal. So it can support your back. Keep your back straight so your spine doesn’t get hurt. Your wheel shouldn’t be too far for hands and shoulders.

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