How Long Does It Take For Lower Back Pain To Go Away? Treatment Options

Patients want to know how long does it take for lower back pain to go away. Nowadays, every person is facing major lower back pain issues. Patients are trying to reduce pain with the help of different medications.

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Lower back pain due to any serious accident or arthritis will take some time to cure the pain. Lower back pain can get better if it identified at initial stage. With some rest it can cure.

Lower Back Pain

A strange twist of the spine can cause lower back pain. It can vary from minor to severe lower back pain. It can affect people of any age. It is more common in people with more age.

Pain - How Long Does It Take For Lower Back Pain To Go Away

Lower back pain can get worse by lifting any heavy object. A strained muscle, excessive exercise, or another injury can affect the lower back. These can get better within a few weeks.

Types Of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is divided into different levels according to its minor to severe types of pain. Ignoring the pain at the start can cause severe lower back pain. There are three main types of the lower back pain.

1. Acute Lower Back Pain:

Acute lower back pain can last for 4 – 6 weeks. It will be a very initial stage of lower back pain. It can be caused by any initial causes like lifting heavy objects or due to any strained muscle.

The doctor prescribed tips such as rest and little exercises to cure this lower back pain.

2. Subacute Lower Back Pain:

When lower back pain lasts for more than 4 weeks to 12 weeks, it will be subacute lower back pain. It will be a more serious condition than an acute one. Any injury can cause it.

First, the patient should know whether the injury is serious or normal. Get treatment and medication with the consultation of your doctor.

3. Chronic Lower Back Pain:

Chronic lower back pain can not get better without any medication. You have to take medication for this type of lower back pain. It is the more severe type of pain.

People with chronic lower back pain feel more pain in the lower back, which can go to the legs.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain

If you ignore its initial symptoms, lower back pain turns from minor to severe. When you are feeling any sharp pain in your lower back which can go further into your legs, it can be due to any injury.

The following reasons can cause lower back pain:

– Age: Lower back pain gets worse with increasing age. It can be seen in older people.

Weight: People having more weight than normal face this problem more often.

Activities: Some activities, like lifting heavy objects, can cause lower back pain.

Smoking: Smoking reduces the body’s ability to heal from injury or pain. It slows down the flow of blood in the body.

Poor Posture: People having poor posture feels this pain more often.

 Symptoms Of Lower Back Pain:

I have noticed different symptoms in different patients according to their pain levels. These symptoms are seen in people with lower back pain.

– Dizziness

– Weakness in legs

– Feels more pain while sneezing and coughing

– Stiffness

– Pain continues to legs

– Weak bowler

– A sharp and continuous pain in the lower back

These are initial symptoms and are very commonly seen in patients. These can vary in people with different age groups. Don’t ignore these signs of lower back pain.

Initial Tips To Aid Lower Back Pain

I suggested these tips to my patients for recovery in the first stages of lower back pain. These are very helpful when you have any minor lower back pain.

These tips are the initial tips to recover from lower back pain. You should consult your physician and start medication for chronic lower back pain.

1. Ease Up On Activities:

One should choose easy activities for them while facing lower back pain. Stretching can be easy for lower back pain.

Pain - how long does it take for lower back pain to go away

Opting for activities that need hard work is not a good choice. They put pressure on your lower back.

2. Rub-A-Dub-Dub:

Take a gentle massage to relax your muscle. A little stretching can make muscles work more properly and relieve muscle pain.

Massage is considered to be more effective in curing lower back pain. Massage on the back is more beneficial.

3. Little Exercise:

Keep your body moving with little exercise. Do a little stretching and moving while sitting or lying for a long time. It makes muscles work properly.

Don’t sit for a long time. It decreases the blood flow in the body. It can cause serious lower back pain.

4. Ice And Heat Massage:

Try ice and hot massage for any injury in the lower back. Ice massage will help with reducing the swelling of the pain. It should be applied for 48 hours.

After that, you should use heat massage to keep the blood flow normal and to have more relaxed muscles.

Massage For Lower Back Pain

Massage is very helpful for curing lower back pain. Different kinds of massages are offered for every lower back pain level.

1. Gluteus Medius Massage:

In some cases, the lower back pain can be due to injury in the gluteal region. In our body gluteal muscles in made up of there gluteus. These glutents inclue the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, gluteus Maximus.

These muscles can become tight, which can cause pain in the lower back. It happens because of sitting for a long time. Gluteus massage can relax the muscles and relieve the pain. It reduces the use of any medication.

2. Quadratus Lumborum Muscle Massage:

Quadratus lumborum muscle massage reduces the adhesions and contractures in the QL muscles. Other factors, like continuous bending, strain, or serious injuries, cause deflection in QL muscles.

This massage helps in the reduction of lower back pain more effectively. They are responsible for creating stability in body muscles. Using this massage is enough to get rid of lower back pain.

Yoga For Lower Back Pain

Yoga is also the best way to cure lower back pain. It relaxes the muscles and reduces the pain.

It gives the mind a peaceful feeling. One should try some types of yoga while having lower back pain.

1. Legs up the wall:

This type of yoga prevents lower back pain for a long time. In this yoga, you have to hurry your buttock to the wall and then start swinging your feet up the wall.

Pain - How Long Does It Take For Lower Back Pain To Go Away

This yoga is most useful after a long drive and lifting heavy objects.

2. Two Knee Twist:

For this yoga, you must bend your knees toward your chest as you lie on your back and then bring your arms to a T-position.

After that, lower your knees to the floor on the right side when you breathe out.

Try to lower your knees more from the right arm while lifting your shoulder. Try this yoga for max 2 minutes.

3. Supine Hamstring Stretch:

For this yoga, you must lie on your back and bend your right knee toward the chest. Then put a rope around the ball of your feet.

Try to straighten up your leg towards the ceiling. It would be best if you tried to hold this position for 5 minutes.


Patients always want to know how long it takes for lower back pain to go away. Lower back pain can be cured with some extra rest and precautions. First, you should know the root cause of your lower back pain.

Then your doctor can start the medication according to the type of lower back pain. Lower back pain can vary from normal to severe pain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Long Does It Take For A Strain To Heal?

A strained muscle can be healed within one to four weeks. You should try medication if your pain is not cured in two weeks.

You should pay attention to the early symptoms and try to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Acute lower back pain can turn to chronic lower back pain if not treated at the initial stage.

2. How Long Does It Take To Heal Lower Back Pain With Yoga?

Yoga is one of the ist effective medications for lower back pain. It does not give quick relief, but it naturally cures the pain.

Doing yoga regularly can reduce the pain and aches for a very long time. It relaxes the muscles and relieve lower back pain by doing it regularly.

3. How Long Does It Take For Lower Back Pain To Go Away?

If you identify the symptoms at an early stage, it can make you heal from lower back pain faster. When you identify the reason for lower back pain, have some rest and take treatment for lower back pain.

In most cases, it can be cured within 6 weeks. In case it doesn’t cure in weeks, then consult your physician. Try to find out the root cause of lower back pain.

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