Is Peloton Bad For Lower Back Pain? Causes & Treatments

People nowadays prefer the peloton for their daily exercise. The biggest concern they have that is peloton bad for lower back pain. I have seen in my medical history that many people face lower back pain due to the peloton.

What Will I learn

Peloton is used for forceful workouts. It helps in burning extra fat from your body. It also increases cardiovascular strength.

Is Peloton Bad For Lower Back Pain

Exercising on the peloton for a long period puts pressure on your back which causes lower back pain. This pressure is not good for the lower back as it weakens the back.

Peloton causes lower back pain when you are not using it in the correct way. If your posture is not right while doing peloton exercise, it can cause lower back pain.  

Peloton bike is also used to cure lower back pain. You can do many exercises on the peloton to reduce lower back pain. It offers certain workouts which put less pressure on the lower back.

It depends on your choice of how you use the peloton bike. It can cause lower back pain and can reduce it, also. Try to ride it under the supervision of any trainer.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain Due To The Peloton

Peloton is not bad for the lower back if used in the right way. Excessive and wrong use of the peloton can cause lower back pain.

peloton - Is Peloton Bad For Lower Back Pain

There are some causes of lower back pain due to peloton given below;

1. Seat Position:

Your seat position matters the most during the peloton. A seat position is very important to avoid lower back pain. Keep these points in your mind before riding the peloton:

– Set your seat according to your height.

– Set your seat height according to your hip bone level while standing next to the peloton bike.

– If you find your seat position right, set it for future use.

– It will reduce pressure on your back.

– Always remember to bend your arm in your elbow at 90 degrees.

– Position your palm open with your fingers pointing towards it.

– Keep in mind that your hands should reach the handlebar easily.

2. Range of motion:

Your hip range of motion matters a lot in causing lower back pain. Make sure to have the proper range of motion by following these rules:

– If your hips position is not adjusted on the seat, it can be a reason for lower back pain.

– Peloton bikes have the correct duration for riding according to one’s fitness level.

– Overriding on the peloton can cause lower back pain.

– Try to stable your hips on the seat during the ride.

3. Stability:

Always keep stability in your workout. Stability in a workout is the key to effective results.

– Riding for a long time can fatigue muscles.

– If you start riding the peloton into the hardest level, you will have lower back pain.

– Try to start from the slow and initial level.

– People who do not maintain stability in their riding face lower back pain more often.

– Weak core muscles and incorrect bike position can lead to serious lumbar flexion.

– Cycling for a long time can tire the muscles, and they cannot maintain a stable position.

Upper Back Pain After Peloton

Peloton can cause upper back pain. It can happen when you overuse your upper back muscles. We have often seen people have injuries in their upper back due to excessive cycling.

peloton - Is Peloton Bad For Lower Back Pain

It can most often happen due to the following:

– Inappropriate posture

– Overuse of peloton

– Any injury happens during a workout

– Overwork of fatigue

– Imbalance in muscles

Always keep in mind to have your handlebar an equal distance from your hands. If the handlebar is far from you, it can cause upper back pain.

To keep the accurate distance between your handlebar and your seat, measure the length between your elbow to your fingers. It can give you the best position for cycling.

Mid Back Pain After Peloton

If you have a herniated disc, you can probably suffer mid-back pain after the peloton. Mid-back pain can be caused by sitting for a long period. Try to have a break in between your riding sessions.

It can cause due to:

– Poor bike postision

– Imbalance handlebar position

– Inappropriate posture

– Sitting for a long time

peloton - Is Peloton Bad For Lower Back Pain

To reduce mid-back pain, try to keep your body moving. Don’t sit for a long time. Correct your handlebar position. The handlebar position can mainly cause mid-back pain.

One of the peloton features helps riders to figure out the exact workout strength.

Tips To Avoid Back Pain After Peloton

I have suggested these tips to my patients, who have seen quick relief in their pain. Remember these tips before riding a peloton or any other cycling machine.

1. Stretching:

For any exercise, stretching is considered the most important thing. It warms up the body and muscles for exercise.

If you do not stretch before any exercise, it may cause pain or injury. You can perform the following stretchings before the exercise.

2. Fit Your Peloton:

The peloton set is adjustable. It can be adjusted according to your height. You should fit the seat according to height and keep a proper distance from the handlebar.

The handlebar should be at a proper distance from your hands. If your seat and handlebar are not at the proper distance, it can put pressure on your back and cause lower back pain.

3. Don’t Exercise For Too Long:

Always take a break from your exercise. Try to stretch your body after every time interval. Stretching relax the muscles. If you exercise for a long time, it can cause lower back pain.

It can also injure your lower back Exercise but in short periods and take rest in between. Excessive exercise aches the muscles, which causes pain in the body.

4. Keep Your Ride Length Short:

Some people ride for a long time, according to their instructor. Try to take short classes at the start. Short-time riding can cure you of lower back pain.

Starting with tough exercises increases the chance of lower back pain. Start with slow and easy exercises on the peloton.

5. Correct Your Posture:

Keep your posture correct while riding the peloton. The wrong posture can increase the risk of lower back pain. It increases pressure on your back.

Always remember to keep your back straight while riding the peloton. It helps in keeping the spine in the correct position.


Peloton is used for exercising purposes. Different kinds of exercises can be done using a peloton. You should know how to use the peloton in the correct way. There are some precautions you should keep in mind before using a peloton.

If not used properly, it can cause serious lower back pain. Keep your posture right while exercising on the peloton. Do little stretching in between your exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Peloton Cause Back Pain?

If you don’t use your peloton bike correctly, it can cause back pain. Your bike seat can be adjustable. You can adjust it according to your height.

Your seat should not be too far and too close to your arms. It causes back pain. Keep your posture correct during the ride or exercise.

2. Why Does My Back Hurt When Using A Peloton?

A peloton can cure lower back pain, but using it inappropriately can cause serious back pain. The main factors for back pain due to peloton are poor posture, not having the right seat and long riding.

Try to stretch after every short interval of time. Stretching can relax muscles and keep your body active.

3. Is Peloton Bad For Lower Back Pain?

Peloton is not very bad for lower back pain. It can cure back pain while using the proper exercises on the peloton.

If you don’t follow proper precautions before riding the peloton, it can cause lower back pain. Try to follow the given rules for riding.

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