How To Relieve Lower Back Pain From Coughing – Causes & Treatment

Lower back pain while coughing is becoming a major problem. People want to know how to relieve lower back pain from coughing. It needs precautionary measures and tips to reduce pain.

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Lower back pain while coughing can become chronic if not treated at the initial stage. It can cause more pain in your body, especially in the spine and back.

How To Relieve Lower Back Pain From Coughing

Coughing includes your upper and back body as well. You might feel pain in your body while coughing, especially in your back.

During cough, you lean forward, which inserts the pressure on your spine and back muscles. It can cause pain in the lower back.

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Lower back pain while coughing can be a sign of a serious medical condition. It needs proper treatment and care. It can be due to other lower back diseases.

By adopting a proper diet and exercise, you can get rid of your back pain. In case of serious pain, consult your doctor and get medication.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain While Coughing

Lower back pain while coughing can be due to various reasons. Some people feel more pain even after coughing. Cough inserts pressure on your back, due to which you feel back pain.

I’ve noticed these causes in my patients. Given below;

1. Herniated Disc:

In our spine, we have discs that protect our bones and work as a shock absorbers. When these discs slipped out of their place, it caused herniated discs. It can affect the disc on your spine.

It can get worse while coughing. When you bend forward while coughing, the soft part of the disc shifts to the harder part.  

2. Strained Muscle:

Strained muscles can be seen in people who have problems with torn muscles. Torn muscles can cause pain in the lower back while coughing. Muscles in our body should be relaxed and strong.

It can be caused due to any physical movement or lack of flexibility. Stretching can make it better. Stretching relaxes and flexible the muscles.

3. Lung Cancer:

The most serious cause of lower back pain while coughing is lung cancer. A lung tumor that presses against your spine’s nerves can cause back pain on one side.

Lung cancer doesn’t cause symptoms in the early stages. Chest pain worsening when you cough is the most common symptom of lung cancer or damage.

4. Spinal Stenosis:

Spinal stenosis is another reason for lower back pain while coughing. This is the strange shrinking of the spinal cord. This shrinking inserts pressure on the spine while coughing.

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It can cause cramping in the legs and hips. You can reduce the effects of spinal stenosis by exercising daily. It will strengthen your muscles and bones.

5. Injury:

The human body is made up of many connected bones. Any injury in the spine causes lower back pain while coughing. It makes the pain worse.

In case of injury, you should consult your doctor and ask for treatment. They’ll run tests and x-rays to know the exact location of the injury.

6. Poor Posture:

Many people experience lower back pain because of poor posture position. The major reason is that people don’t know how to sit in a proper way. It causes many problems with joints and legs.

It causes structural changes, and muscles become weak. People should exercise a little or stretch their bodies to make the blood flow better in the body.

Tips To Avoid Lower Back Pain While Coughing

Everyone should follow these tips to reduce pain and live stress-free lives. Improve your quality of life and enjoy your everyday routine to its fullest.

These tips also help to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1. Healthy Diet:

Adopt a healthy diet in your life.  Consumption of healthy food reduces the chance of stress on your body. Unhealthy food increases the chances of back problems.

Try to avoid the increased intake of alcohol and large meals. It can cause more cough. A healthy diet will help to maintain a healthy weight.

2. Exercise:

Exercise on daily bases reduces the chance of lower back pain. Exercise keeps the muscles and bones active. It helps the blood to flow properly in the body. 

Through exercise, you can lose weight, which is a major cause of lower back pain while coughing. It increases the oxygen level in the body as well.

3. Maintain Proper Posture:

People who spend long hours on a computer while working face lower back pain more often. Those people should correct their sitting positions. They should buy a comfortable chair which supports their back.

They should practice stretching exercises while sitting. They should take a rest after some work. It can reduce the chance of lower back pain while coughing.

4. Quit Smoking:

Smoking can cause severe lower back pain while coughing. It increases the risk of less oxygen because it narrows the blood vessels. It reduces the blood flow in the body.

Blood flow should be fluent so that it can circulate in the body. Proper blood flow also prevent other unstable medical conditions.

5. Reduce Stress:

Having stress can also cause pressure on muscles. It puts strain on muscles in the body. Adopt relaxing exercises like yoga, deep breathing, or exercise that can reduce stress.

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Stress reduction is necessary for the relief of any pain in your body. Relaxation of muscles is important in pain reduction.

Ways To Diagnose Lower Back Pain While Coughing

Lower back pain while coughing has some causes and treatments. You should know the root cause of this pain. For this purpose, you should consult a physician.

They run different tests to diagnose the cause of lower back pain from coughing. Following are certain ways to diagnose the pain level and where the problem is.

1. X-Rays:

Through X-rays, one can know the exact location of the problem. X-rays help the doctor give treatment according to the area and pain.

Different types of pain need different treatments and exercises. X-rays have made it effortless for doctors.

2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):

MRI produces powerful 3 Dimensional images of the body. These 3D images show the nerve roots and spinal cord. It helps in the detection of tumors and degenerations.

It is the most advanced level for identifying pain or damage in your body. It helps physicians to detect the root cause of pain.

3. Blood Tests:

The doctor also runs some blood tests to check if there is any infection in the body or not. Blood tests make it clear about any infection or infection-causing viruses.

They perform different tests on blood to identify the other pain-causing factors. They suggest treatment options according to your situation.

When To Consult A Physician

Lower back pain while coughing is a sign of an underlying medical condition. It can get worsen if you don’t take it seriously. It can be due to various reasons.

You must consult your physician when your pain is not improving even after the initial treatment. This can be an alarming situation.

Your doctor can guide your better about your medical condition. They can suggest further treatment options on how to relieve lower back pain from coughing.


Coughing itself is not that much harming if it is due to any normal reason. If you are facing a cough because of back pain, then it shows your underlying medical condition.

Coughing includes your upper and lower body parts. It shakes your shoulders and can affect your neck as well. You should know the risk factors which are considered dangerous.

While coughing, your back muscles feel stress and pressure. It can increase pain in your back muscles. If this is not getting better after treatment, you should consider talking to a doctor.

Lower back pain from coughing can improve with proper care and precautions. You have to follow some healthy tips to maintain good health.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Does My Back Hurt While Coughing?

Coughing includes your back and upper muscles. When you bend forward during a cough, it inserts pressure on your back muscles. It creates stress in your back tissues and cells.

Due to this pressure and stress, you feel lower back pain while coughing. It can further move to your neck and shoulders. You should treat it before it gets worse.

2. How Does Exercise Can Reduce Back Pain While Coughing?

Exercise is helpful in reducing lower back pain. It relaxes the tense muscles of the body. It makes blood circulation better in the body.

When you add exercise to your daily routine, you’ll feel a positive result in your health. Stretching makes the bones strong and gives them strength.

3. Which Treatment Options Can Work Better To Relieve Lower Back Pain While Coughing?

Lower back pain from cough can get better with adopting some healthy tips. You need to maintain a healthy diet and some treatments to reduce this pain.

Some treatment options include physical therapy, acupuncture treatment, massage, back braces, etc. These are the most applied and effective options for lower back pain treatment.

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