Acupuncture Vs. Chiropractor For Lower Back Pain – Definition & Treatment Methods

Acupuncture vs. chiropractor for lower back pain are different physical treatment options. Both work for the relief of back pain by using physical techniques.

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They include different physical rehabilitation methods. Both use medicine-free solutions to reduce lower back pain. Examine your pain and then choose which treatment option is better for you.

Acupuncture Vs. Chiropractor For Lower Back Pain

Acupuncture and Chiropractic treatments are used for lower back pain. In medical history, these treatment techniques have changed pain management methods.

They are used to relieve pain by using different physical methods. Both treatment methods have their advantages and disadvantages. 

Chiropractors use hand techniques to align the spine. The acupuncture technique will help to treat soft tissues. Patients can have both treatments; in some cases, you need any one of these treatments.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is a drug-free solution for lower back pain. Chiropractors use hands and fingers to treat spine disorders. They align the bones and spine with curing back pain.

chiropractor - Acupuncture vs. chiropractor for lower back pain

Chiropractors use hands-on methods to identify and treat spinal disorders. First, they try to find the affected bone in your spine. Then apply different techniques to align the spine and reduce back pain.

Any displacement in the spine affects the brain and nervous system because they all are connected. It would help if you cured the spine at the right time to reduce the chance of serious lower back pain.

Chiropractor Techniques

Chiropractors use hand movements to reduce lower back pain. This treatment is a method for structural alignment.

Different chiropractic methods are used to treat different pain levels. It improves the quality of life and daily activities.  

Some techniques used in acupuncture are described below:

1. Manual Method:

The chiropractor uses his hands-on techniques to cure back pain in this method. They press the affected bones and joints by hand.

Inserting a little pressure is required for bone alignment. Stretching exercise and physical therapy are common examples of this method.

2. Instrumental Method:

The instrumental method involves different instruments to reduce lower back pain. Chiropractors will use different accessories to help with your pain relief.

Therapy pads, laser techniques,s and ultrasound methods are included in this technique.

Advantages of Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic treatment is used for lower back, neck, and joint pain. It includes other neuromusculoskeletal problems. It provides a drug-free solution for lower back pain.

The following are some common advantages of chiropractic  treatment;

1. Gives Energy:

Spinal displacement impacts the body and organ’s functionality. It makes body parts work not actively. By having chiropractic treatment, you can feel more energy in your body.

It makes the muscles work more effectively. Realignment of the spine can make your body parts active. It aligns your spine with the movement of your hands.

2. Reduce Pain:

It helps in reducing back pain more effectively. It can cure neck, back, and joint pain. You don’t need any medicine for pain relief. It can cure the pain by applying hand movements.

Chiropractors massage your muscles and release tense muscles from the body. It softens the muscles and tissues of the back.

3. Better Sleep:

Pain in your body makes it hard to sleep. When your body joints and muscles are relaxed, it helps in better sleep. Chiropractors release the stress from your body and make it calm.

If you feel pain while sleeping, try to relax your body muscles. Make it comfortable with the help of a pillow. Check your mattress if it’s of medium-firm stuff.

4. Improve Digestion:

Due to heavy stress on your back inner body organs also get affected. Stomach pain, including gas, is a common symptom of any issue in your digestive system.

Chiropractors align the spine and neck. This alignment improves your digestion system. It produces acid in your stomach to make the digestion process better.

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture treatment includes thin metallic needles. These needles are inserted into patients’ bodies to cure lower back pain. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of back pain.

Thin metallic needles are inserted in the body and operated by hand on muscles. It stimulates the flow of energy in the body. Due to this stimulation, lower back pain is reduced.

Acupuncture - Acupuncture vs. chiropractor for lower back pain

This method is used for chronic back pain and joint pain. It improves flexibility, stability, energy flow, and posture. It heals the damaged part and improves the body’s strength.

Acupuncture Techniques

This traditional treatment method is used to treat body aches without any surgery.  In this process, tiny needles are inserted into specific areas of the body.

It makes the blood flow better and increases muscle energy. Some techniques used in acupuncture are described below:

1. Inserting Needles:

Inserting needles in your body is the basic and traditional acupuncture treatment method.

These tiny needles are inserted in specific areas of the body. Those specific areas promote the healing process in the body.

2. Laser Technique:

Some people don’t rely on needle insertion methods. They are not comfortable with this technique.

There is another method which is the low-level laser technique. It gives faster healing to affected areas.

3. Cupping Technique:

This technique is used to stimulate blood flow in the body. This method uses an internal vacuum to position plastic cups on the skin. It can leave a mark on your skin for some days.

However, it is an effective way to detox your body and relieve back pain.

Advantages of Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture treatment is cheaper than chiropractic treatment. This treatment is only applied by any professional.

Not everyone can perform this technique. It needs practice and experience. It provides numerous benefits to the body. It makes it relax and reduces stress.

1. Reduce Stress:

The acupuncture technique helps patients to reduce stress. This method decreases the production of stress-related hormones. Make your body feels better without any stress or tension.

It creates hormones that help to increase immunity and fight stress back. It reduces the chance of back pain.

2. Stimulates Blood Flow:

The tiny needles inserted in your body helps to make the muscle’s energy better. It increases blood flow to other body parts, especially the injured part.

With better stimulation of blood, pain is reduced. It benefits the heart and arteries throughout the body. It also helps in improving oxygen flow in the blood.

3. Generate New tissues:

This technique helps to generate new body tissues and muscles. With millions of new tissues and muscles body, aches can get better. They work more energetically.

It increases the functionality of organs. Each organ performs better. New back muscles decrease the chance of any severe lower back pain in the body.

4. Strengthen The Immune System:

The biggest advantage is that it strengthens the immune system. It improves respiratory health and the system. It reduces the stress on the body.

Due to an improved immune system, it gives quick healing. The lymphocytes (cells in the immune system) help your body fight off bacteria. 

Acupuncture Vs. Chiropractor For Lower Back Pain – Best Option For You

People should know the basic difference between acupuncture and chiropractic. Both use different treatment techniques and are used for different pain levels.

pain - Acupuncture vs. chiropractor for lower back pain

Chiropractors use hand techniques to cure spine disorders.  Any displacement in the spine causes serious lower back pain. It includes the brain and nervous system. They align the spine and reduce lower back pain.

Acupuncture is a Chinese technique to cure lower back pain. In this method, they insert tiny needles into the body. It improves the energy flow in the muscles. By moving needles, it makes muscles stimulate better.


People suffering from lower back pain want quick and drug-free solutions. Not everyone wants to sure medicine to relieve their back pain. It is time taking and can affect other parts of the body.

Chiropractors and acupuncture treatments offer drug-free solutions for your lower back pain. Both treatment options use different techniques for pain relief. Professionals can apply them.

You should know the basic difference between both treatment methods. So, you can choose treatment according to your pain level and type. Both can be used together with the guidance of professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are There Any Risk In Acupuncture Or Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic and acupuncture treatment methods provide numerous benefits. But it has been seen in some cases that it can damage your body in some aspects.

Chiropractic treatment can damage your bones. If extra pressure is inserted, it can fracture your bones or joints. Gentle pressure should be applied to the affected area.

The acupuncture method needs proper identification of places where you should insert needles. Needles should be sterilized. It should affect the muscles and tissues.

2. Can Chiropractor Help With Joint Pain?

Chiropractors use hands-on movements to cure body aches. It inserts the pressure on joints and bones to realign them. It can cure joint pain by locating the joint in the right place.

If you are having any pain in your joint, you should get yourself examine first. Then consult an expert to have a proper chiropractic treatment for your body.

3. Can We Have Chiropractor And Acupuncture Treatment Together?

Yes, you can have chiropractic and acupuncture treatments together. In some cases, your physician can suggest you have acupuncture after chiropractic treatment.

Both methods can give you the best results. It cures pain more effectively. It relaxes the tense muscles and releases stress from the body. They help to improve the range of motion and relieve back pain.

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