Chiropractor vs. Massage Therapist For Lower Back Pain – Definition, Similarities, Differences

Lower back pain has become the most common issue everyone is facing nowadays. People are confused about chiropractors vs. massage therapists for lower back pain.

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I have seen many people who want quick and effective relief. They find it hard to choose between chiropractors vs. massage therapists for lower back pain. They don’t know which is best for their lower back pain.

Chiropractors vs. Massage Therapists For Lower Back Pain

I have seen patients with cases who have visited chiropractors and massage therapists for lower back pain.

First, you should know the difference between chiropractors and massage therapists. It will help you to decide which is better for you.

Both are different and are used to cure different types of lower back pain. Choose according to your level of lower back pain.


A chiropractor is a trained medical professional. It is concerned with the identification and treatment of any disorder in your spine. The main focus of chiropractors is on the ligaments of bones and muscles.

They aim to reduce lower back pain and improve the patient’s daily activities. Chiropractors can use their hands or any tool to adjust the spine and bones.

Chiropractors - Chiropractor vs. Massage Therapist For Lower Back Pain

Any imbalance found in your spine causes lower back pain. It can be a sign of any other unstable medical condition. Chiropractors align the spine and reduce lower back pain.

A chiropractor professional examines your body and tries to find out the affected bone. They apply different techniques to align the spine. A chiropractor does not recommend any medication.

They apply different methods in which the body can heal by itself. It can require an X-ray or any medical test to identify the affected area better.


A chiropractor uses the following treatments for the treatment of lower back pain.

– Referring to Weight loss

– Proper diet plan

– Exercise

– Relaxation techniques

– Hot & cold treatment

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists apply some pressure to muscles to reduce lower back pain. They use different approaches and techniques.

Massage therapists focus on curing the muscles by operating the body’s soft tissues. Massage therapists cure lower back pain with the help of their hands. They release tense muscles from the body.

massage - Chiropractor vs. Massage Therapist For Lower Back Pain

They can also use elbows, fingers, and knees. Massage therapists learn about your body’s health condition. They can describe different massage therapies to you.

You can choose therapy for your body according to your level of pain. Massage therapy provides various benefits, such as relaxation, more energy, and reduced pain.


They offer different types of massages:

– Deep tissue massages

– Craniosacral massage

– Swedish massage

– Myofascial massage

– Reflexology

Chiropractor vs. Massage Therapist – Similarities

Chiropractors and massage therapists for lower back pain have some similarities, such as;

1. Drug-Free Solutions:

They both offer drug-free solutions for lower back pain. They don’t recommend any medicines or injections.

They both apply the techniques of hands and fingers.

2. Quick And Effective:

Both methods are used for quick back pain relief. They provide short-term pain relief.

They relax the muscles and tissues. They relax the tight muscle of the body.

3. Promote Healthy Alignment:

Chiropractors and massage therapists offer healthy alignment of the spine and neck.

They use techniques of hands and fingers for the treatment of lower back pain.

Chiropractor vs. Massage Therapist – Differences

Chiropractors and massage therapists use different techniques to reduce back pain, such as;

1. Medical Identification:

Chiropractors do some tests and make medical identification. Whereas massage therapists do not need any medical identification for treatment.

2. Working Areas:

The chiropractors work on the affected area. At the same time, massage therapists work on the full body. They massage the full body to soften all the tense muscles.

3. Working Rules:

Chiropractors follow different rules than massage therapists. Chiropractor work to correct the spinal imbalance. Whereas massage therapists relax the soft tissues.

Chiropractor vs. Massage Therapist: Better Option For Back Pain

Chiropractors are used for the cure of any imbalanced spine or bone. You should consult a chiropractor if you suffer from strained muscles or injuries.

They use different treatment options to cure spinal imbalance. It is mostly recommended for people who have any displacement in the spine.

Chiropractor vs. Massage Therapist For Lower Back Pain

Massage therapists are mostly used when you feel any painful muscle and want to get rid of the pain. A massage therapist relaxes the muscles and releases tense tissues from your body.

There is also a midway for the cure of back pain. You can use both of the methods to cure your lower back pain. I have seen, in many cases, people go for both methods and find them effective.


Chiropractors and massage therapists both work to cure lower back pain. You have to examine yourself first and then choose which method suits your level of lower back pain.

Both methods work for reducing lower back pain. They work differently while using various treatment options.

They work fast if used together. If you use both methods, there should be a balance between their methods and treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Major Difference Between Chiropractors vs. Massage Therapists For Lower Back Pain?

A chiropractor deals with the alignment of the spine or any bone. But the massage therapist works to reduce the nervous tissues and relax the muscles.

A chiropractor may ask for an x-ray or lab test to identify the affected area in your body.

2. Do Chiropractic Care And Massage Therapy Help To Reduce Lower Back Pain?

It depends on which kind of pain you are facing in your lower back. If you feel any injury or imbalance of the spine, you should go for chiropractic care.

You should consult a massage therapist if you face any tense muscle or tissue. They can help with proper massage therapy and medication.

3. Why Should You Visit Chiropractors And Massage Therapists While Facing Lower Back Pain?

Chiropractors vs. massage therapists are consulted while facing lower back pain. Both methods don’t use any drug to reduce the level of pain.

They use different techniques to cure lower back pain. They are very effective for curing pain.

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