How Often Should I Get A Massage For Lower Back Pain? Treatments & Benefits

How often should I get a massage for lower back pain? Every day we hear this question from patients having back pain. Lower back pain affects the quality of life and daily routine.

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There are many medications to cure lower back pain. But some people do not want any medicine for pain relief. Instead, they want a drug-free solution.

How Often Should I Get A Massage For Lower Back Pain?

The consistency of massage depends on the level of lower back pain. For acute back pain, you can massage yourself at home daily. Acute pain can be cured by rest and applying basic massage techniques.

If your back pain is sharp and constant, you should consult a professional for effective results. Chiropractors or massage therapists suggest a better massage schedule for your back pain.

For chronic lower back pain, you can have a massage weekly. If your pain comes back again after the first massage, you need another massage immediately. Massage provides short-term relief.

Types Of Massage For Lower Back Pain

Massage is effective and fast relief for lower back pain. It relaxes and de-stress the muscles. Massage is the combination of different techniques used to soften the body’s tissues.

Massage is applied with the help of hands, fingers, feet, and elbow. Every massage consists of different techniques.

Different types of lower back pain need a different type of Massage. Therefore, you should consult your doctor for the best and most effective massage type.

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After examination doctor can suggest a massage that is better for your pain relief. Different massages consist of different time durations and techniques.

1. Deep Tissue Massage:

This type of massage is used to target the deep tissues which are damaged by any injury.

It reduces stress from deeper tissues and muscles. This massage uses forceful but slow rubs to relieve pain from deeper tissues.

Before adopting this massage type, you should consult your physician first. They can guide you better about the massage frequency per month or week.

The common recommendation for deep tissue massage is to receive it 3 times per week.

2. Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

Lymphatic drainage massage is beneficial for draining lymph nodes. However, lymph nodes are affected by any surgical interference.

This massage will stimulate fluid flow in your lymph nodes and release fluid buildup. This can be taken daily at the start of this session. This is only performed by any trained therapist or professional.

You can have an excellent lymphatic massage once a day in the beginning. Later, you can have it four to five times a week for two to four weeks.

3. Full-Body Massage:

Full-body massage includes your aYou’llands, feet, legs, neck, back, and buttock tissues. This is also known as Swedish massage.

You can have a full body massage at least every three weeks. It helps in healthy tissue repair. It supports the body’s muscles and tissues after chronic lower back pain.

4. Massage Chair:

A massage chair is used to relax muscles and relieve lower back pain. In addition, it helps in reducing aching muscles in the body. It supports the body while sitting, so you’ll face no lower back pain.

You’ll find quick relief after sitting on this massage chair for at least 20-25 minutes. It relaxes your back muscles, and you can work comfortably.

5. Sports Massage:

Athletes face lower back pain more often. Sports massage is specially designed for sports people and athletes. This message is used to avoid injury during sports. It can be taken before or after the sport.

Athletes can have sports massage once a week. It can result in many benefits for back pain. Many athletes may prefer taking it after every month. It results in quick pain relief.

6. Shiatsu Massage:

This massage is also known as Japanese-style massage. This message is well-known for its treatment of lower back pain relief. Shiatsu means finger pressure in the Japanese language.

Shiatsu massage therapists use the pressure of their fingers on the affected area. They use different techniques by their hand to relieve lower back pain. It inserts the pressure on the body in a periodic manner.

Techniques For Lower Back Pain Massage

Different massage therapists use different techniques to reduce pain. These techniques depend on your level of lower back pain.

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Some common techniques of massage include;

1. Vibration:

Vibration techniques help to release tight muscles of the body. In this technique, the therapist shakes the parts of the body which need relief.

It helps to increase blood flow and relax the tight muscles. Its speed can vary according to the pain and area.

2. Tapotement:

Tapotement includes light tapping of muscles. This is most commonly used for athletes while giving them sports massage. It can be either energetic or relaxing.

This technique can relax the muscles and nervous system for a longer time. It makes athletes feel more energetic and refreshed.

3. Effleurage:

This technique includes rubbing muscles from top to bottom. This technique increases the fluid flow in the body. This flow helps in reducing the pain in the body.

This can be done at the start or the end of the massage. It is beneficial in both ways.

4. Friction:

Lower back massage is used to reduce pain in the body. During the massage, the body and fingers create friction. This friction increases the blood flow and circulation in the body.

The friction inserts deep pressure into the particular muscle or tissue to relax it. It releases tense muscles from the body.

Benefits Of Massage For Lower Back Pain

Massage is very beneficial for body aches. It comes with many to the lower back and other body parts.

Common benefits include:

– Reduces stress

– Decrease blood pressure to normal

– Release tense muscles and tissues

How often should I get a massage for lower back pain

– Soften the muscles

– Reduce pain in the body

– Relaxes muscles and tissues

– Relieve short-term back pain

– Increase blood flow in the body

Treatment Options For Lower Back Pain

Treatment options can vary according to your lower back pain, whether it’s acute or chronic. However, I suggest these treatment options in general for pain relief.

It would be best to consult your doctor or physician to choose treatment options.

These are some of my treatment recommendations:

– You should take some bed rest to ease your body.

– Try to change your daily activities. Go for easy activities instead of hard ones.

– Try physical therapy for lower back pain.

– Adopt any massage therapy to relax your muscles.

– Do stretching while sitting for a long time.

– Try hot or cold therapy for pain relief.

– Try any muscle relaxants or NSAIDs for lower back pain.

– If you are sitting for a long time, choose a chair that supports your back.

Is Massage Therapy Dangerous For Back Pain?

Excessiveness of anything can be dangerous to health. Massage is a complete solution for lower back pain, but this pain can get worse in some situations.

When you feel sharp and increased pain in your lower back, you should not go for a massage only. Massage is not very effective for high lower back pain.

However, it can be used for normal pain. If you avoid and still go for a massage while having increased back pain, it’ll make it worse.

When To Consult A Physician

If the massage you are getting is not improving, consult a physician. Physicians can suggest a better massage option according to your pain level.

Chiropractors and massage therapists can help you get rid of back pain. Both provide solutions that are drug-free and effective.

Consult your doctor if your pain is long-lasting and getting sharper. This can make the situation worsen for you. Take medication on time.


Massage helps in curing short-term lower back pain. Your massage technique can differ according to your level of pain. Massage gives quick relief from pain. It softens the tense muscles in your body.

If your pain is sharp and increasing daily, you should consult your doctor or physician. They can guide you better about your treatment. First, get yourself checked, and then go for medication.

Massage therapy depends on your lower back pain, either acute or chronic. For short-term pain, you can massage yourself. But for chronic lower back pain, you need a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should We Get A Massage For Lower Back Pain?

Massage provides fast and easy relief from lower back pain. It releases tense tissues and muscles from the body and decreases back pain. Therefore, a massage is a good option for back pain.   

Consult your doctor first before going to a massage therapist.

2. What Does A Lower Back Massage Do?

Massage relaxes the deep tissues of the body and releases pain. Massage is a drug-free solution for back pain. In addition, massage increases the blood flow in the body.

It reduces back pain more effectively. After massage body feels peace and calm.

3. How Often Should I Get A Massage For Lower Back Pain?

It depends on the level of pain in your lower back. For acute lower back pain, you can have a massage by yourself. But if it’s chronic, you should consult a professional for therapy.

People with chronic lower back pain can have deep tissue massage for 25-30 minutes daily. If daily massage sessions do not suit you, consult a doctor for the session schedule.

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