How To Use Massage Balls For Lower Back Pain – Tips & Tricks

Massage balls are used to cure lower back pain. But most people don’t know how to use massage balls for lower back pain. You can have it at home using just a small ball. It helps in releasing tension from the body.

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Lower back pain generates tension in the muscles and tissues. People consult different massage therapists and professionals for the treatment of back pain. Massage balls are one of those massage treatments.

How To Use Massage Balls For Lower Back Pain

People now prefer massage balls for lower back pain. Massage balls are small, convenient, and affordable, so you can carry them wherever you want. You don’t have to rely on others to give you a massage.

You can use them easily by practicing basic techniques. First, you have to find the right ball for your massage. It can be either a tennis ball or a spikey ball. It depends on your choice and pain level.

Get The Right Ball For Massage:

For lower back massage, you first have to get a suitable ball. Any ball can be used for massage. It can be a small ball like a golf ball or a medium-sized ball like a lacrosse ball.

How To Use Massage Balls For Lower Back Pain - Tips & Tricks

The purpose of each ball varies according to its size and texture. You have to understand the significance of each ball concerning lower back pain.

1. Significance Of Small Ball:

Small balls are most probably used for hands and feet massage. Massaging a small ball like golf is best for hands and feet. Small balls perform best in smaller areas.

They insert less pressure on small areas and release the tense muscles from the body.

A squash ball is also good for small areas like hands and feet. They are smaller than golf balls.

2. Significance Of Medium-sized Ball:

Medium-sized balls are perfect for large areas. Tennis and lacrosse balls are used for shoulder, back, and leg massage.

They are larger than small balls, so they exert more pressure on larger areas.

Medium-sized balls make the blood flow better. They relax the tense muscles by applying some pressure. They are preferred more for the back and shoulders.

3. Significance Of Large Ball:

Large balls like Franklin Balls have a larger diameter than tennis balls. The large balls are effective for those who do not want extra pressure on affected areas.

Large balls provide deep massage to tense muscles. You can use these balls on your feet. They help in improving balance.

Techniques For Massage Balls

You have to follow certain techniques for massage balls. For different areas, you have to practice different techniques. Smaller areas need different massage tips.

1. Movements Of Hands:

Try to massage your muscles with the help of your hands. First, put the ball over the affected area. Then, move the ball with your hands in a circular motion on the stressed muscles.

shoulders - How To Use Massage Balls For Lower Back Pain

You can practice this massage for 3 – 5 minutes. It will help relax the tight muscles and release the tension from the body.

2. Avoid Putting Extra Pressure:

Try to avoid inserting extra pressure on affected muscles or bones. When you apply too much pressure on bones or muscles, it will hurt your body. Extra pressure makes the muscles bruise.

Massage your neck, and don’t roll the ball on the bones. Try to roll the ball over one side of the neck.

How To Use Massage Balls On Different Areas Of The Body

Massage balls are used differently on various areas of the body. You need different sitting positions for the knees, hips, back, and legs.

Keep these positions in your mind before applying massage on any area of the body.

1. Massage Balls For Knees:

Massage on the knees is helpful for stiff joints. It provides internal stretch to stiff joints capsule of the knee.

To apply massage balls to the knees, you must sit on a chair and place the ball behind your bent knee.

Try to contract your muscles against the ball. You can do this massage 10 times on one knee and then do the same for another.

2. Massage Balls For Feet:

Feet massage is also important to relieve lower back pain. Feet muscles are linked with lower back muscles. When you roll a ball under your feet, it creates a feeling of stretching in the hamstrings.

It helps increase the flexibility of the lumbar spine and reduces back pain. Place the ball under your feet where it comes in between heel and toe.

You can apply a massage ball for 24 – 25 minutes on each foot.

3. Massage Balls For The Lower Back:

Massage balls help in releasing stress from the lower back. It can be helpful for chronic lower back pain.

Massage balls provide relaxation to tense muscles and tissues of the body.

To give a massage on your lower back, just lay on your back. Put the ball in the middle of your gluteus.

Start to roll and move from one side to the other.  You can try this massage for 20 – 25 seconds on each side.

4. Massage Balls For Achy Hips:

If you have achy hips, you should try massage balls. Minor hip pain can get worse if not treated at the initial stage. You have to sit on the ball on the side of your hip.

foot - How To Use Massage Balls For Lower Back Pain

Try to find a peaceful place to relax the ball. You can start rolling the ball over your hip. This massage can be done for 1 – 2 minutes.


Massage balls are very convenient for massage therapy. You can have massage balls of different sizes and textures. For various areas of the body, you need different sizes of balls.

You can massage yourself easily without relying on anyone. You can take them with your wherever you want. They are affordable and easy to carry. If you have chronic lower back pain, consult your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Use Tennis Balls For Lower Back Pain Massage?

Tennis balls are used for lower back massage. They are larger than small balls and used for larger areas like the back and shoulders. They insert more pressure on affected areas.

Tennis balls help in relaxing the tense muscles of the lower back. They release stress from the body. It would help if you placed the tennis ball on the ground. Then lay on the ball in a comfortable position and start rolling.

2. How Do You Use A Massage Ball?

Massage balls are available in different sizes and textures. You can choose a ball according to your affected area. It would be best to place the ball against the affected area where you want to get a massage.

Then start to roll the ball slowly. Move the ball to a smaller area to relax the muscle more effectively. Repeat the process 2 – 3 times to make your muscle stress free.

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