Is Running Good For Lower Back Pain – Benefits & Tips

Running is a great way to stay in shape and is often recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle. But is running good for lower back pain? The answer is yes, with some caveats.

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Running can be beneficial for people with chronic lower back pain. For running, it’s important to build up your endurance gradually. Make sure that you have the proper form when running.

Is Running Good For Lower Back Pain

Running is a great way to stay fit and build endurance. It is important for keeping your body healthy and fit. It is a weight-bearing exercise.

Running is an aerobic exercise. It strengthens not only the muscles but also the bones in the lower part of your body. This helps improve posture and reduce stress on our joints.

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While running, it is important to listen to your body. Stop if you’re feeling any pain or discomfort in your body after running. Consult with a doctor before starting any exercise program.

Running is helpful for those suffering from lower back pain. It can provide many benefits, including increased flexibility and improved cardiovascular health.

Running is an effective form of exercise if you suffer from general aches and pains in your lower back. If you have injured your lower back, it is best to consult a physician before attempting to run.

You should add running to your fitness routine. Make sure that you start slow and always listen to your body. With the right approach, running is a great way to manage lower back pain and improve overall health.

Tips For Running With Lower Back Pain

Running is a great form of exercise to help with overall body health. It can cause strain in your lower back if done incorrectly or excessively.

Keep these tips in your mind to gain more benefits from running:

– Start with light jogging and walking. It will help to warm up your muscles.

– Don’t start with long distances. Start less and gradually increase your distance as you feel more comfortable.

– Listen to your body’s cues. Pain is an indication that something is wrong. Be aware of what your body is telling you and adjust accordingly.

– Wear proper shoes. A good pair of running shoes is essential to reduce the impact on your joints. It is important if you have existing lower back pain.

– Stick to flat surfaces. Hills can increase the stress placed on your lower back, so aim for routes that are mostly flat and level.

– Maintain good posture while running. This will help keep your spine in alignment and prevent further irritation.

– Stay hydrated and fuel up before and after running. It will give your body enough energy. Also, give nutrients to keep going without getting fatigued too quickly.

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– Find a supportive running group that can motivate you to stick with it. Running with someone else makes the activity more enjoyable. You’ll be able to hold each other accountable when needed.

– Running is beneficial if done for a limited time. Overdoing running can cause more pain and stress in your lower back. It puts pressure on the back muscles.

– Take some rest between running sessions. Having some rest can decrease your back pain. Lower back hurts when you run for a long time. It makes the back muscles tight and tender.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits running offers.

Benefits Of Running For Lower Back Pain

Running can be an excellent way to manage or prevent lower back pain. With regular exercise and warm-up, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of running for lower back pain relief.

The following are the basic benefits of running for your body;

1. Reduces Lower Back Pain:

Running is an effective way to reduce lower back pain. Running exercises help strengthen your core, hips, and legs muscles and joints.

Running with guidance can be beneficial. It reduces stress on your back muscles and joints. It relaxes the joints so they can work better.

2. Increases Circulation:

Running helps to increase circulation in the body. It promotes healing throughout the body’s muscles and tissues.

Improves circulation helps to reduce the inflammation associated with lower back pain. It widens the blood vessels and makes blood flow better.

3. Improves Posture:

Strained muscles cause incorrect postural problems in many people. Running helps in improving your posture and range of motion. 

Running reduces inflammation and musculoskeletal pain. It will strengthen the back muscles and help to keep the correct posture.

4. Improves Flexibility:

Other than reducing back pain, running improves flexibility. It increases the range of motion as well. Improved flexibility helps to maintain correct posture while doing physical activity.  

Running helps to reduce the chance of any injury. Due to improved flexibility, you can move freely and do physical activities better.

5. Reduces Stress:

Besides the physical benefits, running is a great way to enhance mental well-being. Running releases endorphins that can lift your mood.

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It helps our mind to distract from any discomfort caused by the pain. It’s an ideal exercise for reducing stress levels and clearing your head.

6. Increases Core Stability:

Lower back pain affects the spine and muscles. Running helps in increasing core stability. They affect the core of the spine and make it difficult to maintain stability.

Running helps to improve body balance. It reduces the chance of injury during physical activity.

7. Maintains Weight:

Running helps you to lose weight. It helps in burning extra calories and maintaining a healthy weight.

Being overweight can cause many other risk factors in the body. Running increases the strength of your body muscles and joints by maintaining weight.


Running is a great way to stay active and improve your health. It helps improve circulation in the lumbar region. It promotes an increase in our posture and range of motion.

Running is an excellent way to stay motivated and track progress in terms of fitness. It improves strength and mobility. It also helps to prevent further episodes of lower back pain.

If you have chronic lower back pain, running will strengthen the muscles. This is because strengthening the muscles and core can help reduce the pressure on the lower back when running.

Running good for lower back pain is dependent on your circumstances and the cause of your pain. It is always best to consult with a physical therapist or physician before attempting to run.

They will help to evaluate the cause of your pain. Afterward, they’ll provide you with an exercise plan appropriate to your needs.

Properly conducted running is not harmful to people suffering from lower back pain. You warm up, stretch out, and use proper form while running. It will reduce discomfort associated with existing chronic lower back pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Running Worsen Lower Back Pain?

Running is an effective exercise for lower back pain. It improves blood circulation, strengthens bones, and strengthens muscles.

Running is a high-impact activity, which may not be suitable for everyone. It can potentially cause more harm depending on the individual’s condition.

If you face chronic lower back pain, it is best to find low-impact activities. Running with strained muscles can worsen the condition.

2. What Are The Simple Ways To Ease Lower Back Pain?

Other than running, there are simple ways to reduce lower back pain. Yoga, massage therapy, chiropractor, and exercise reduce lower back pain.

These are simple and easy-to-perform treatments for lower back pain. All of these work by relaxing the stressed muscles and tissues of the back.

They reduce inflammation and stress in the back muscles. It makes blood circulation better so the pain can be lessened.

If you do not prefer medication for acute lower back pain, you can go for these drug-free solutions. They provide effective and long-lasting relief from back pain.

3. What Are The Different Types Of Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain can be of different types. In the beginning, it starts with normal pain in the back. It is known as acute lower back pain.

Rest and care can improve acute lower back pain within 2 – 4 weeks. This is the initial state of lower back pain. It is not that painful or life-threatening.

The worsening condition of back pain is chronic lower back pain. It can be chronic when your back pain is not improving, even after rest and medication.

You must get yourself checked. Doctors will guide you better about the cause and medication for lower back pain. They might suggest some exercises for pain relief.

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