What Type Of Low Back Pain Is Common In Football Players

What type of low back pain is common in football players? Most football players have this concern. They are worried about their health condition.

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If low back pain occurs, talk to your doctor about the causes. They will suggest possible treatments so you can stay in the game.

What Type Of Low Back Pain Is Common In Football Players

Football players often experience low back pain due to the heavy physical demands of the sport. Football is a physical sport that requires a lot of pounding, twisting, and turning.

All this exertion can put stress on the low back muscles. This can lead to pain and injury. Football players are prone to several types of low back pain.

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As a football player, low back pain is something you’ll likely have to deal with at some point in your career. The common lower back pain types are strained muscles, spondylolisthesis, and joint dysfunction.

Football players and other athletes experience some major problems. The common types of lower back pain are described below;

1. Lumbar Strain:

One common type is lumbar strain. Repetitive motions while playing football cause strain or sprain in the lumbar area.

This type of lower back pain is caused by overstretching and tearing of the muscles in the lower back. It can be caused by unexpected movements such as quick twists, falls, or incorrect lifting techniques.

This type of pain is usually mild to moderate in intensity. But it can become chronic lower back pain if not treated properly. Lumbar strains are frequently seen in football players.

In this type of pain, the patient may feel muscle soreness and pain in the buttocks and legs. Patients also face stiffness in the lower back.

2. Spondylolysis:

Spondylolysis is the condition in which a patient has a fracture in the spinal vertebra. It most commonly happens in younger athletes. 

This happens due to inappropriate movements during the game. Players sometimes need to remember the precautionary measures, and this can happen.

Difficulties maintaining a straight posture and pain in the buttocks are signs of Spondylolysis. Players should use a back brace and do little exercise daily to get rid of this pain.

3. Joint Dysfunction:

Joint dysfunction is another type of low back pain. It affects football players and other athletes alike.

Joint dysfunction occurs when there is an abnormal movement between two joints. This causes inflammation and pain in your joints.

4. Strained Muscle:

Strained muscles can be seen in people who have problems with torn muscles. Torn muscles can cause pain in the lower back. Muscles in our body should be relaxed and strong.

It can be caused due to any physical movement or lack of flexibility. When players don’t follow regular exercise routines and stretching, this can happen.

Stretching and regular exercise can make it better. Stretching relaxes and flexibles the back muscles. It makes the body active and strong.

5. Spondylolisthesis:

Another common type of low back pain for football players is spondylolisthesis. This pain occurs when a vertebra slips forward out of its usual position.

Spondylolisthesis is known as the displacement of the spinal vertebra. This usually happens due to too much stress on the spine. Spine face stress due to hyperextension or excessive rotation.

This disorder can become severe with aging. It weakens the vertebra and affects its movement. This can become worse if not treated at the initial stage.

6. Herniated Discs:

A herniated disc happens when its soft middle point impulses through a gap in the tough router. Many discs around the spine in our back. These discs act as shockwave absorbers.

Shockwave absorbers help to stable the back. The herniated disc removes from its original place. This replacement inserts some extra pressure on the nerves around it.

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When someone suffers from a herniated disc, they’ll experience weakness in one leg or both. It can be dangerous to some extent.

7. Spinal Stenosis:

Spinal stenosis occurs in the lower back. It can happen when the inside space of the backbone gets small. This small space can inset pressure on the spine and back nerves.

Players facing spinal stenosis may experience pain while exercising and muscle weakness. If this pain gets worse, these symptoms can get worse.

Players should keep track of their exercises and their movements. In case you notice any symptoms, consult your physician as soon as possible.

Tips To Avoid Low Back Pain While Playing Football

One should remember these tips to avoid lower back pain after football. These tips can prevent back pain and make your body more flexible.

I have suggested these tips to my patients. They have seen quick relief in back pain.

1. Follow Proper Training Guidance:

Beginners should follow proper training guidance before start playing football. It needs a training plan from an expert. They provide plans from easy to tough exercises.

They can suggest you easy activities to start with.  With practice and proper techniques, you can get better at football.

2. Warm-Up:

Before starting a game like a football, you should do a proper warm-up. It can make your body ready for heavy game moves. Warm-up makes the blood flow better and improves circulation.

Riding a bike and running is an easy warm-up technique to prepare your body for football.

3. A Proper Technique:

You should follow a proper technique for any game. If the technique is incorrect, it puts pressure on the back muscles. Always consult with your trainer about the easy and proper techniques.

Different techniques are followed for different levels of football. In the beginning, you should adopt easy exercises. Later on, you can work with hard exercise.

4. Massage Treatment:

Another effective recommendation is to have a massage for lower back pain. It should be a combination of stretches and exercises.

Massage treatment improves blood flow and makes your body work more actively. One should take a massage treatment once in a while.

5. Correct Posture:

While playing games, keep in mind your posture. Correct posture makes it easy to perform correct techniques. It divides the weight on your entire body.

Incorrect posture can put pressure on your back muscles. It creates stress in the lower back. It builds an imbalance in your muscles and joints.

6. Quit Smoking:

Smoking can cause severe lower back pain. It increases the risk of less oxygen because it narrows the blood vessels. It reduces the blood flow in the body.

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Blood flow should be fluent so that it can circulate in the body. Proper blood flow also prevent other unstable medical conditions.

7. Physical Therapy:

Physical therapy includes physical activities that strengthen your muscles to work effectively.

For this purpose, one should consult a doctor or a physical therapist. Doctors can suggest the best exercises according to your pain. In this exercise, you put less pressure on your back, which cures lower back pain.

8. Hot And Cold Therapy:

Hot and cold therapy is an effective remedy for pain relief. It can be used with other methods to have the best results. Both of these therapies work in different manners.

Cold therapy reduces the blood flow in the body. Reduced blood flow helps to reduce swelling. Cold therapy is excellent for joints that have been pulled while walking. In short, it reduces lower back pain.

Heat therapy is better for blood circulation in your lower back. It relaxes your muscles. This therapy allows nutrient-rich blood to flow into tissues that need healing.

9. Reduce Stress:

Having stress can also cause pressure on muscles. It puts strain on muscles in the body. Adopt relaxing exercises like yoga, deep breathing, or exercise that can reduce stress.

Stress reduction is necessary for the relief of any pain in your body. Relaxation of muscles is important in pain reduction. Players need to relax more often than others.

10. Exercise:

Exercise on daily bases reduces the chance of lower back pain. Exercise keeps the muscles and bones active. It helps the blood to flow properly in the body. 

Through exercise, you can lose weight, which is a major cause of lower back pain. I recommend exercising appropriate footwork. It helps in a better flow of blood.


The bottom line is what type of low back pain is common in football players depends on the individual.

The above-mentioned types o flower back pain are common in football players. These types of low back pain can be managed through strength training, stretching, and injury prevention techniques.

It’s important to listen to your body and take the necessary steps to avoid further injury. Taking precautions to prevent low back injury is key for athletes. This will help them to stay healthy and perform their best.

Listen to your body and practice safe sports habits. This can help you to go a long way in your sports career.

If low back pain occurs after precautions, talk to your doctor about the causes of your pain. Doctors can examine and suggest treatment options according to your health condition.

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