Does Lower Back Pain Make You Sweat – Causes & Treatment

Does lower back pain make you sweat? I listen to this question from my patients more often. People with lower back pain face more sweating.  

What Will I learn

Sweating is not always due to lower back pain. It can be due to various other reasons. Excessive sweating can be a symptom of underlying medication conditions.

Does Lower Back Pain Make You Sweat

Sweating is a way for your body to keep you cool. This process is the production of fluids secreted by the sweat glands from the human skin.

If you have excessive sweating, it can be due to many causes. Lower back pain is one of them. Your pain can cause sweating in your body.

sweating - Does Lower Back Pain Make You Sweat

You should know the reason behind sweating. Normally sweating can be due to high temperature, exercise, anxiety, etc.

If you face excessive sweating, you should consult your doctor. They will examine you and better guide you about the causes and treatment options.

Causes Of Sweating

Sweating, in general, has some common causes. These are the causes that I’ve noticed in my patients. These can vary according to one’s health condition.

The following is the list of possible causes of sweating;

1. Exercise:

Exercise is a major cause of sweating. While doing exercise, our body’s temperature rises to some extent. This increase in temperature causes sweating.

It helps to pull the heat out of your body. This condition is normal and commonly faced by everyone while doing exercise.

2. High Body Temperature:

Sweating can be due to high body temperature. During fever, people face increased body temperature. It is because fever increases the production of sweat glands.

That’s why people face more sweating while having a fever.  You may feel suffocation and have difficulty breathing while lying down.

3. Anxiety:

It has been seen that people feel more sweating when they are nervous or under any stress. Anxiety affects different areas of the body, especially the sweat-controlling glands.

They produce more sweating while being stressed and anxious. They may feel difficulty in breathing and shaking during sweating.

4. Hyperhidrosis:

In some cases, sweating is not because of any other reason than genetics. Sweating can be due to genes coming from parents. This genetic condition of sweating is called Hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis affects certain parts of your body. It may include palms, back, scalp, feet, and face. Doctors provide different treatments for hyperhidrosis.

5. Dehydration:

You may face sweating problems due to dehydration. When you have low fluid intake, it can result in sweating. It reduces the water level to the lowest.

This can also cause lower back pain as well. Try to have a complete intake of fluids and water.

Causes Of Sweating Due To Lower Back Pain

Sweating due to lower back pain has different causes. It can vary from person to person according to their health condition.

Th following are the common causes of sweating due to lower back pain;

1. Change In Hormones:

The human body has multiple hormones which perform different functions in the body. When someone faces lower back pain, it affects hormones as well.

pain - Does Lower Back Pain Make You Sweat

This hormonal change can result in various indications. Sweating is one of them. In this case, you might feel sweating while having lower back pain.  

2. Inflammation:

Inflammation is another cause of sweating due to lower back pain. You may feel inflammation due to any injury or incorrect posture.

It increases blood circulation in the body. This results in excessive sweating. You will feel pain n the affected area by applying little pressure.

3. Tensed Muscles:

When people face lower back pain, it is due to stressed or tense muscles in the back. Lower back pain increases stress in the back muscles and spine.

Due to this stress, the body’s temperature starts to increase more than normal. This results in an increase in sweat production in the body. It helps to keep the body cool and calm.

4. Improper Blood Circulation:

Lower back pain can cause improper blood circulation in the body. Due to stressed muscles, blood vessels get blocked or constricted.

This lead to increased body temperature and less oxygen circulation in the body. It causes excessive sweating in the body.

5. Usage Of Medicine:

Sweating can be a reaction to medicines used for lower back pain. People who use medicines to relieve lower back pain face sweating more often. 

Medicines used for back pain contain high-level drugs. These drugs increase body temperature and cause sweating.

6. Overweight:

Being overweight is another cause of lower back pain and sweating. People with extra weight face lower back pain. Their spine and back muscles can’t handle the weight.

They produce stress in the back tissues and spine. Due to this stress, people face sweating as well. Try to maintain your weight to get rid of lower back pain.

Treatment Options For Sweating

Many experienced physicians offer different treatment options for sweating. These treatments have been seen to be effective and long-lasting.

The following options are based on the results and experience;

1. Antiperspirants:

Antiperspirants help to stop the sweat-causing glands and vessels. Before taking antiperspirants for sweating, you should consult your doctor.

They can guide you whether its suits you or not. It is considered the best treatment for hands, face, and feet.

2. Oral Medication:

Oral medications are used to block the chemicals which produce sweat in your body. They are beneficial for the treatment of sweating.

The oral medication comes with some side effects as well. You should consult your doctor and then start using these medicines.

3. Botox Injections:

There are some injections available in the market to cure sweating problems. These injections block sweat-causing nerves. They work for a time period of 6 – 12 months.

You may face minor pain in your muscles as a result of these injections. Botox injections are beneficial when other medicine does not work enough to reduce sweating.

4. Surgery:

In some cases, it has been seen that other medicines and injections don’t work. In the end, people go for surgery. Through surgery, the sweat-causing glands are removed from your body.

sweat - Does Lower Back Pain Make You Sweat

These surgeries may include sweat gland removal, microwave, and nerve surgery. Surgery is used in extreme cases.

5. Antidepressants:

As we have seen that anxiety is another cause of sweating. If your sweating is due to excessive stress and anxiety, you should go for antidepressants.

They reduce stress and anxiety and result in less sweating. Not all antidepressants are to reduce sweating. You should consult your doctor before choosing one for you.

When To Consult  A Physician

Having excessive sweating is not normal. Many people face excessive amounts of sweat on a daily basis. This ratio increases in hot temperatures.

If you find out any solid reason for sweating, then you can overcome it by taking medications. But in case you can’t find the reason for sweating, you should consult your physician.

The doctor will run some tests to identify the root cause of sweating. Then they will suggest any treatment according to your condition.

You can go for treatment of your own choice. You can choose surgery if you have tried all medicines to cure sweating. Surgery shud be your last choice.


Excessive sweating can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. It can be due to various reasons and causes. It depends on your health and body.

Sweating due to lower back pain is another factor. Most probably, you face sweating because of lower back pain. There are some glands that increase sweating in back pain.

When you face excessive sweating, get yourself checked. It might be due to various reasons. Doctors can guide you better about the treatment which will suit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can We Reduce Sweating By Increasing Fluid Intake?

Sweating is a process of producing fluids from human skin. This is a way to keep your body cool. If you increase fluid intake in your body, it will help to keep your body cool.

Dehydration is another cause of sweating. Taking a constant and moderate amount of fluid will reduce dehydration. It will also reduce sweating.

This will reduce sweating because your body is already cool and low in temperature. It slows downs the sweating process in the body.

2. Can Massage Therapy Reduce Sweating?

Tensed muscles are the cause of excessive sweating in your body. They release glands that produce sweat. By applying massage therapy, you can get rid of sweating.

When your muscles are relaxed, they don’t produce sweat glands. Massage therapy helps to reduce inflammation which causes sweating. Consult a massage therapist for this purpose.

3. Is Increased Metabolism A Cause Of Sweating?

Yes, increased metabolism is a cause of sweating in some people. When you have an increased metabolism, the body temperature rises.

Due to this increased temperature, people face excessive sweating. Increased metabolism is seen as a result of any injury or back pain. It helps to recover from the injury more quickly.


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