Is A Hot Tub Good For Lower Back Pain – Tips & Benefits

My patients ask more often that is a hot tub good for lower back pain. The answer is YES. A hot tub is a good option for lower back pain. Hot water has been used to reduce lower back pain in old years. It is an effective way.

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Hot water is very useful for your body. It works to relieve back pain. It provides numerous benefits to your body cells and tissues. It would help if you considered taking a hot bath for back pain.

Is A Hot Tub Good For Lower Back Pain

Yes, the hot tub is effective for lower back pain. It is the combination of heat, buoyancy, and massage jet. It makes body muscles and tissues relaxed. It releases stress from your body.

hot tub - Is A Hot Tub Good For Lower Back Pain

Warm water makes blood circulation better in the body. It provides instant relief from back pain. It increases the energy level and temperature of your body.

It would help if you also tried massage jets in the hot tub. They give you immense benefits. It relaxes the tight muscles and releases stress from the body.

Hot Tub For Lower Back Pain

The hot tub is useful for reducing lower back pain. It is used with a combination of heat, massage, and buoyancy. It helps in relaxing the tense muscles of the body.

It provides various benefits to people who have stressful muscles and tissues. You should consult your physician once before having a hot tub. They can recommend the timing and temperature.

1. Heat:

Heat increases the body’s temperature, which helps release tense muscles. It relaxes the tight muscles and tissues of the body, which reduces pain.

Warm water widens the blood vessels. It helps to increase the blood flow in the body. It increases oxygen supply in the body parts. Heat provides nutrients to stressed tissues for the healing process.

2. Buoyancy:

Buoyancy reduces the pressure and stress on joints and muscles. It is a part of the hot tub. It gives relaxation to the body’s muscles and tissues.

It reduces back pain effectively. It decreases the weight by 90%. It removes pressure from back joints and bones.  You feel your body calmer and more peaceful.

3. Massage Jet:

Some hot tubs use high-quality massage jets to reduce back pain. They work to release the tension from the muscles. It makes the bones and joints stress-free.

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Different hot tubs can use a different types of massage jets. Before choosing any hot tub, consult a physician to know which one suits you better.

Tips To Use Hot Tub For Back Pain

Hot tub needs proper guidance before use for back pain relief. You must know the basic tips to keep in mind for a hot tub. Your hot tub offers multiple functions. Understand before using them.

It needs to be comfortable according to your size. It should have operative massage jets to release tension from the body. Following are the essential tips for back pain relief.

1. Keep Your Muscles Tight:

While taking a hot tub, you should try to keep your muscles tight. Tight muscles will help to strengthen the core. It will protect your spine.

It helps to release tension from the body. It can reduce the chance of severe lower back pain. It provides protection and support to your spine.

2. Stretching:

Stretching is an important part of the hot tub. You should perform some stretching in the hot tub. It will help to relax the tight muscles.

You should soak in water for 5 – 10 minutes before stretching. Stretching in hot water can help you relieve lower back pain more quickly. You can perform different stretching techniques.

3. Consultation:

Before choosing a hot tub for your lower back pain relief, you should consult a physician. They can guide you better about the basic hot tub tips.

How long should you take a hot bath? How many times can you take a hot bath? Keep the temperature normal. You don’t need to be in warm water for over 20 minutes.

4. Heat Control:

Hot tubs offer a heat-controlling function. It helps to control the temperature level according to your need. You should consult a doctor to help you guide about the temperature level.

Don’t exceed 100-degree temperature. More temperature can burn your skin. It can make you suffer more from the heat and patches.

Benefits Of Hot Tub For Body

A hot tub provides numerous benefits as it relaxes the muscles. It helps to reduce stress and pain in back muscles. Make it your habit to take the hot tubs thrice a week.

The following are the common benefits of a hot tub;

1. Better Sleep:

A hot tub provides relaxation to muscles and tissues, which helps in better sleep. The heat was used to cure insomnia in older people.

Warm water helps to sleep more peacefully. It decreases stress and stiffness, which makes you sleep better.

2. Muscles Relaxation:

Muscle relaxation is the effective result of the hot tub. The hot tub’s massage jet and warm water features help to relax tense muscles and tissue of the body.

It also comforts the body aches. It is best if you take ht tub before exercise. It increases the body’s strength.

3. Pain Relief:

Hot tub relaxes stressful muscles and joints of the body. Relaxing tense muscles provides pain relief. Water helps to reduce weight from the joints.

It provides support to body tissues. It helps to increase the range of motion in the body. The heat and massaging functions of the hot tub ease the tenderness of muscles.

4. Calorie Burn:

A hot tub is beneficial for those who want to reduce weight. Warm water helps to burn calories. In a survey, it has been seen that a hot tub burns the same calories as a 30- 35 minutes walk.

It helps to increase metabolism. A hot tub is a good option for those who do not want to exercise for long hours. It just burns calories and provides relaxation.

5. Better Cardiac Health:

A hot tub provides advantages to your heart’s health. Warm water helps to increase the heart rate. It reduces your blood pressure. It makes the vascular functions better in the body.

Hot tub helps to reduce the risk of cardiac attack. It makes blood circulation better in the whole body. It also increases the oxygen supply to all body parts.

When To Consult A Physician

If your lower back pain is not getting better after proper rest, it can become chronic lower back pain. Normal lower back pain lasts for max 2 weeks. If you have pain after 2 weeks, you should consult a physician.

Hot tubs are recommended and applied treatment options for back pain. Hot tubs and heat pads have been used from early times for pain relief.

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Before using hot tubs for lower back pain, you should consult a physician. They can guide you about the hot tub specification you should follow.

Hot tubs provide various setting options. You can control the heat and temperature level of water. You can adjust seating positions according to your size. You can also try massage jets.


Hot tubs and heat pads are very effective in reducing lower back pain. When you provide warmth and heat to your body, it relaxes the muscles. It releases tension from joints and tissues.

It makes the blood vessels wide. Due to this, blood circulation becomes better in the body. It decreases the chance of any severe back pain.

It would help if you took a hot bath at least 3 times a week. It will make the body tissues and muscles more strong and stress-free. You will feel an instant relief in your body.

Your duration and frequency for a hot tub can vary according to your pain level. Your physician can guide you better about the specifications for the hot tub.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Best Hot Tub For Lower Back Pain?

A hot tub should contain a massage jet for back pain. Massage jet provides relief in tense muscles. It can cure lower back pain more effectively.

Different hot tubs can offer different types of massage jets. You should choose according to your type of back pain. It can result in a soothing bath.

2. How To Choose A Hot Tub For Back Pain?

Before buying any hot tub, you should keep in mind some specifications. You should check the heating control option. It will help to control the temperature of the water.

You should check the massage jets available in the hot tub. It helps a lot in reducing back pain. Look for jets that can be placed according to your back.

You should check the seating positions and pumps. You must set the seating position according to your convenience.

3. How Does a Hot Tub Helps To Reduce Stress From The Body?

Hot tub reduces stress on muscles and tissues. Warm water and massage jets help to relieve mental and physical stress. It makes the stiff muscles relaxed and calm.

It increases blood flow in the body, which reduces blood pressure.

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