Is Lower Back Pain Linked To Prostate Cancer – Symptoms & Treatment

Is lower back pain linked to prostate cancer? The answer to this frequently asked question is Yes. Lower back pain can be a sign of prostate cancer. It depends on your symptoms and health condition.

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When you face back, hips, or neck pain, it might be a sign of prostate cancer.  Cancer makes your muscles and cells weak and damages the bones. You need to know every detail about prostate cancer.

Is Lower Back Pain Linked To Prostate Cancer

The prostate is a gland that is present below the bladder and around the urethra.  Prostate cancer is most commonly found in males.

pain - Is lower back pain linked to prostate cancer

Prostate cancer can spread to the bones of your back. It can affect the cells and tissues responsible for making new bones in your body. It decreases the making of new bones in the body.

Pain due to prostate cancer can further move to the middle back and neck area. It can cause chronic lower back pain. This condition is alarming and can be dangerous.

Prostate cancer has been seen in people more than the age of 65. This can last for several years. It can be treated by medical treatment at the initial state.

Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer

You can’t judge prostate cancer at its initial stage. It shows no symptoms or pain. After some time, it starts causing pain in different parts of the body. Then it would help if you got yourself checked at least once.

The most common symptoms of prostate cancer are given below. I’ve seen these symptoms in my patients.

– Increased pain while moving

– Stiffness in neck or back

– Feel less sensitivity to pain

– Weakness

– Burning in legs or arms

– Frequent need for urination

– Reduced urine flow

– Blood in the urine

– Pain while urination

– Trouble in stopping or starting the urine flow

– Weight loss

– Incorrect posture

– Increased urination, especially at night time

Treatment Options For Back Pain From Prostate Cancer

Treatment options can vary according to the patient’s condition. It can be cured with some precautions and home remedies at an early stage.

If it’s in a deep state, you need proper guidance and treatment from a physician. These opinions are based on my medical experience. They can vary according to you.

1. Medical Treatment:

An experienced physician can suggest medical treatment options for pain. They can guide you according to your condition. Medical treatment needs some time to show effective results.

These treatments are referend to by experienced doctors. The most common medical treatments preferred by physicians are the following;

1. Surgery:

Surgery is the most common and effective treatment for cancer. In this medical treatment physician repair or remove the affected parts of the body.

They treat cancer by removing the tumor from the body. It is an effective way because the physician removes the dangerous part by this method. It doesn’t spread any further.

2. Radiation:

In this method, the energy is transmitted to the body in the form of waves. These waves remove the tumor from the body without any surgery.

Radiations are emitted in the affected area. It kills the wicked cells which are affecting other cells and tissues. Experienced physicians can perform this method. It is an advanced level of treatment.

3. Muscle Relaxant:

Muscle relaxants are used to relax muscles and tissues. It is a drug that helps to decrease muscle tone. It also affects the skeletal muscle functions in the body.

It is used for cancer treatment. It reduces muscle pain and spasm. In the surgical process, it is widely used to relax the muscles and tissues.

2. Home Remedies:

Some people don’t want any medical treatment. They go for at-home remedies. You can try some home remedies to cure back pain. These are tested and applied home remedies.

I’ve seen many patients who recovered through these home remedies. The effective home remedies are the following;

1. Exercise:

Exercise is the best home remedy for back pain or any other condition. Exercise makes the muscles strong and increases blood flow.

Exercise - Is lower back pain linked to prostate cancer

Add a little exercise and stretching to your daily routine. It makes muscles flexible and reduces stress from muscles. Do walk for some time after sitting for long hours.

2. Heat & Cold Therapy:

Heat and cold therapy help to reduce back pain and the chance of cancer. You can choose either heat pads or ice packs according to your needs.

Both works to reduce stress on the muscles. They make blood circulation better. Increases the oxygen supply in the body. They reduce swelling.

3. Pain Relievers:

You can try pain relievers such as naproxen or ibuprofen. It would be better if you consult with a doctor before taking any pain relievers.

They can suggest the better one for you. This help to relieve the pain in the body. You can use them according to the proper timetable.

4. Maintain Weight:

Excessive weight can create stiffness in your muscles. It makes your muscles stressed. Being overweight causes many more defects in the body.

Try to maintain your weight according to your height. A normal weight keeps the blood flow and oxygen level moderate. It protects you from many other diseases.

5. Massage Therapy:

For acute lower back pain, you can massage yourself at home. Massage helps in softening the nervous tissues of the body. It releases stress from your body.

You feel fresh and energetic after the massage therapy. You can ask your family to apply some massage therapies to you. There are different types of massage for back pain.

When To Consult A Physician

When you feel a sharp pain in your back, it can be time to consult a physician. It can be a sign of prostate cancer if you face undetermined back pain.

It starts from normal pain and then becomes chronic lower back pain. You should get yourself checked at least once when you feel the upper mentioned symptoms.

Doctor - Is lower back pain linked to prostate cancer

An experienced physician can suggest you better treatment options for pain relief. The symptoms and treatment can vary in different people.

If it’s a serious state of cancer, the doctor can suggest surgery or radiation treatment. Otherwise, it can be cured with home remedies at its initial stages.

Normally it shows its symptoms at the 4th stage of cancer. You must have proper exercise and a healthy diet routine. It will help if you avoid the factors which can cause the pain.


Prostate cancer and back pain have connections. Both are connected in some ways. It is not 100% possible that you have prostate cancer if you face back pain. It can be due to other reasons.

You should know the factors which indicate prostate cancer. When you feel any pain, you should consult a doctor. They can determine the condition by examining you.

Prostate cancer is not that harmful. People don’t die of this cancer. It just needs proper care and precautions. If recognized early, it can be treatable.

Try to add a healthy diet and different exercises to your routine. It can improve the body’s performance and fight viruses. Get your monthly checkup done.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Diagnose Prostate Cancer?

To diagnose prostate cancer, you should consult a doctor. A doctor runs different x-rays and MRIs to identify prostate cancer. If you have prostate cancer, these tests will show denser bones.

Prostate cancer affects the bones and tissues. It further spread to the neck and middle back. For better clarity doctor can run a bone scan on the patient.  This clarifies every affected bone.

It does not show any effects in the initial stage; that’s why it’s hard to identify it. You can notice the symptoms and then consult a doctor.

2. What Are The Risk Factors Of Prostate Cancer?

The common risk factor of prostate cancer is that it can also spread to other bones. It starts by affecting the bone cells and reduces bones to renew tissues.

The other factor is aging. This type of cancer is seen among males over 65 years. The other risk factor is an unhealthy diet. If you follow a diet that affects your body, you may have a chance of prostate cancer.

If any one family member has been diagnosed with this cancer, there is a risk that other members may face this problem as well.

3. How Are Back Pain And Prostate Cancer Connected?

Back pain and prostate cancer are linked with each other. If prostate cancer is spread in the bones, it can cause back pain. This cancer extends to the ribs, neck, and spine.

You might have prostate cancer in the 4th stage when you feel pain in these areas. It doesn’t show any symptoms at the initial stage.  

You don’t have to worry if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is treatable, and it doesn’t cause the death of the patient. You can cure this cancer by just adopting different tips.

There are many treatment options available for the treatment of this cancer. Consult your doctor and get a proper checkup.

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