Is Boxing Bad For Lower Back Pain? Causes and Treatment

Many people with lower back pain ask is boxing bad for lower back pain. The answer is YES. Boxing can be bad for lower back pain if preventive measures are not considered. 

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Sports are good for the human body. They make the muscles stronger and more active. They give your body a healthy effect. Any sport can cause lower back pain, just like boxing, if not practiced and done correctly.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain Due To Boxing

Lower back pain can be life-threatening if not cured at the initial stage. It can vary from acute to chronic Acute lower back pain is the initial stage. When this pain worsens, it turns into chronic lower back pain.

Lower back pain should not be ignored at the beginning. If anyone feels any sharp pain in their lower back lasting more than 4 – 5 weeks. They should consult a doctor to find the root cause of their pain.

Lower back pain can be due to any of these causes while boxing. Read these causes and keep them in your mind for future use.

1. Improper Stretching:

When you perform any activity or sport, stretching is very important. It keeps your muscles relaxed. If you do improper stretching during any sport like boxing, it can cause lower back pain.

Stretching - Is boxing bad for lower back pain

You should be aware of proper stretching methods for boxing. After every period, perform little stretching to avoid any pain.

2. No Warm-Up:

This is another cause of lower back pain. Before starting any sport, the player should do some warm-up. It helps to increase the body’s temperature and make it ready for the sport.

It makes the muscles and body strong against the sport. You will face pain if your body is not ready for the sport.

3. Incorrect Technique:

The technique is important in boxing. Different people follow different techniques, but your technique should be correct.

Incorrect technique can cause lower back pain. Techniques help to command that particular sport, like boxing.

4. No Proper Shoes For Boxing:

If a player doesn’t use proper shoes while boxing, it can cause lower back pain. Feet play an important role in your movement while boxing.

Your feet should be properly fitted in your shoes. You should wear proper boxing shoes even while practicing.

5. Lack Of Nutrients:

Lower back pain while boxing can be due to a lack of nutrients. While boxing, people sometimes do not care for their body’s daily needs. It causes pain in the lower back or other parts as well.

Boxing - Is boxing bad for lowr back pain

You should take proper rest and all the necessary nutrients for your body while boxing. Drink a lot of water and other healthy food to fulfill the need for nutrients and protein.

Treatment Options For Lower Back Pain After Boxing

After boxing, one should consider taking these treatments for a better lower back. These tips can reduce your pain. If your condition does not get better, try to consult a physician.

1. Apply Muscle Relaxants:

After boxing, if you feel pain in your lower back, apply muscle relaxants. Muscle relaxants help the muscles to destress. It helps to make the muscles more relaxed and strong.

Apply the muscle relaxants recommended by your doctor. Get yourself checked, and then start treatment.

2. Rest Your Back:

Sports with no break in between can also cause lower back pain. Players should take some rest while practicing any sport. For boxing, players need more rest and care of their backs.

Players should rest their backs for a while and then start again. The break in between can make the lower back more relaxed.

3. Hot or Cold Therapy:

Hot and cold therapies help patients to have relief from lower back pain. Some patients try hot therapy, and others go for cold therapy.

It depends on your condition and the pain level in your lower back. Both are effective in their way.

4. Avoid Hard Moves:

Boxing is a game of moves and tricks. Every player is known for their unique move and style. Before adopting any move, the player should keep in mind the effect of that move.

Always try to adopt easy and less painful moves. Moves that are easy on your body. Hard moves cause lower back pain.

5. Don’t Ignore Initial Symptoms:

Do not ignore the initial symptoms of lower back pain after any sport. If you’re feeling pain in your back, try to console it with initial tips and rest.

If the pain gets worse, consult your doctor and get immediate medication.

When To Consult A Physician

If your lower back pain stays for more than 4 – 5 weeks after taking initial care. You should consult your physician. It can be because of any serious injury or due to herniated disc.

Physician  - Is boxing bad for lower back pain

Get yourself checked completely and start your medication right after it is diagnosed. You can consult chiropractors or massage therapists for your lower back pain. They provide drug-free medication.


Any sport which needs the energy of the body can cause pain in your body. Sport like boxing needs extra care and precautions. In boxing, your muscles are involved. We apply force on muscles by pulling and pushing.

Follow the recommendations and tips to get a pain-free back. Lower back pain can get worse if not cured at the initial stages. Take necessary measures from chiropractors and massage therapists.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Does My Lower Back Hurt Right After Boxing?

Lower back pain after boxing can be due to weak muscles. If you do not ready your body for the activity, it affects the lower back. You should perform proper stretching and warmup before doing any activity or sport.

Boxing needs strong muscles and bones. Try to practice some other aerobic exercises to make muscles strong and active.

2. Is Boxing Bad For Lower Back Pain?

Boxing or any other sport can be bad for lower back pain if not done in a proper way. Always do a little stretching before starting boxing. Try to take proper care of your body’s needs.

Drink a lot of water and healthy food to fulfill the nutrients in your body. Nutrients are important for the body.

3. How Do I Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain From Boxing?

Try to keep your back and muscles strong. If they are strong and relaxed during any sport, they will not cause lower back pain. Try to keep full track of your body’s needs.

Correct your technique. Your pain can be due to incorrect technique. Perform stretching right before boxing. Try some aerobic exercises.

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