Lower Back Pain While Walking – Causes & Treatment

Lower back pain while walking has become a more common cause of an effective daily routine. Lower back pain affects everyday activities and also affects the quality of life.

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To avoid severe lower back pain while walking, everyone should know the major cause of this pain.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain When Walking

The lower back is the lumber region of the body. Made of the spine, the main supporting part of your body.

This spine sometimes feels pain in its lower part. This pain can lead to lower back pain and other serious medical conditions. By understanding the pain-causing factors, one can take care and live life to its fullest.

Many patients in my medical history have made healthier lifestyle choices and are out of pain now.

pain - lower back pain while walking

Lower back pain while walking can be a serious issue that is neglected at its initial stage.

There are many reasons for lower back pain while walking, which include:

– Poor posture

– Wrong sleeping position

– Overweight

– Standing or sitting for a long time

– Any day-to-day activities that insert pressure on the lower back while walking

Other causes of lower back pain while walking are defined below:

1. Muscle Fatigue:

Walking for a long period without rest can cause the enervate muscle in the lower back to. It creates a feeling of discomfort.

This pain can improve by resting the back by sitting or lying down for some time. I have observed in some cases that people with more weight than normal experience this pain more.


Some important treatments for muscle fatique:

– I, as a doctor, suggest that losing weight can make an enormous difference. Normal weight will reduce the pain in the legs.

– I suggest maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

– Perform simple stretching. It helps in better blood flow.

– Exercise makes the muscle stronger and more relaxed.

– Try hot or cold therapy. It prevents lower back pain.

2. Pressure Or Injuries:

The human body is made up of many connected bones. Any injury in the spine causes lower back pain.

I have observed patients that have a slipped disc in their spine. It is because they pick up a heavy object.

When you try to pick up any heavy object, it inserts a lot of pressure on the spine. This pressure cause the lower back pain in most of the people.

In this case, I advised the patient to rest and avoid lifting any heavy objects. The spine is an imitable part of the body. It needs extra care.


Some important treatments for injury:

– In case of a pulled muscle, one should have physical therapy.

– In case of spine damage, one should consult the doctor for therapy.

– Avoid lifting weights for some time.

– In an emergency, surgery may be the solution.

3. Spinal Stenosis:

Spinal stenosis is an unusual shrinking of the spinal canal. This shrink inserts pressure on the spinal cord. It causes pain in the lower back.

I have noticed that some patients show no symptoms, and some show rapid pain.

– Shooting pain in legs

– Pain in the lumbar region

– Difficult to walk far

– Feel the pressure on the lower back


Some important treatments for spinal stenosis:

– The person should take anti-inflammatory

– Physical therapy is the main part of medication

– Patients should try some muscle exercises.

– Doctors suggest some steroid injections

– Doctors prefer surgery if a patient has a lot of pressure on the spine.

4. Poor Posture:

Many people experience the lower back pain because of poor posture position. The major reason is that people don’t know how to sit in a proper way. It causes many problems with joints and legs.

Another reason is sitting for long hours. People who work in offices they undergo from lower back pain. It is because sitting for a long time reduces the blood flow in the body.

People should exercise a little or stretch their bodies to make the blood flow better in the body.


Some important treatments for poor posture:

– Office workers should buy a chair that supports the spine.

– Keep doing a little exercise for better blood flow.

– Try to divide your weight into both legs and feet.

5. Sciatica:

When pressure is applied to the sciatic nerve, it indicates pain in the buttocks and legs. This situation occurs when the sciatica nerve is compressed. The person will feel a sharp pain in the lower back and the legs.

Walking - lower back pain while walking

From my experience, I saw that the root cause of Sciatica is the spine. In some cases I have seen, the firmness is caused by a tumor or because of diabetic damage.

Some patients experience a small electric shock in the spine.


Some important treatments for sciatic:

– Physical therapy is the initial treatment

– The patient should do an x-ray to scan the exact location of the problem.

– Anti-seizure treatment

– Hot and cold therapy for better blood flow

– One should try NSAIDs for pain relief.

– Therapeutic injections

6. Clogged Arteries:

Clogged arteries are also a major cause of lower back pain. The arteries blocked around the base are caused due to overweight. Being overweight can cause heart problems.

Due to blocked arteries, blood flow is damaged. No proper flow of blood causes lower back pain.


Some important treatments for Clogged arteries:

– Healthy diet

– Little exercise

– Weight loss

– Stretching

7. Degenerative Disk Disease:

The degenerative disk disease causes stiffness and pain while walking or standing. This disease can be more commonly seen in people of more ages.

As a person ages, the spine’s disk starts to shrink. This results in irritation between the bones in the spine. It causes lower back pain while walking.


Some important treatments for degenerative disk disease:

– Provide support to back

– Physical therapy

– Ice or heat packs

– Treatment such as NSAIDs (ibuprofen and naproxen)

8. Hyperlordosis:

Hyperlordosis occurs when the lower spine has an extreme innermost bend. It causes the buttocks to become more protuberant.

Patients with this problem have clear c-shaped curves while lying down.

I have noticed in some patients that it can worsen the lower back pain with continued standing.


Some important treatments for Hyperlordosis:

– Treatment for this depends on the aging factor of patients. Such as

– For children, doctors can prescribe wearing a back support.

– For adults, doctors can prescribe conventional treatments.

– Physical therapy

– OTC pain relievers

– Some patients may go through a corrective surgery

Some Factors That Cause Lower Back Pain

Certain factors are the main cause of lower back pain. These factors include:

1. Age:

As you start getting older, the lower back pain gets worse. People of more ages face this problem more often.

You should maintain a proper exercise and diet routine. In that way, you can keep your body healthy and fit.

2. Smoking:

Smoking is another adding factor to lower back pain. Smoking increases the risk of lower back pain.

smoking - Lower back pain while walking

It stimulates coughing and decreases blood flow in your body. It causes other serious medical conditions.

3. Lack Of Exercise:

People who do less exercise have a higher chance of lower back pain. Less exercise makes muscles weak.

Adopt different exercises that can strengthen your body. Exercise can make your muscles work in a more effective manner without any pain.

4. Inappropriate Object Lifting:

Some people suffer lower back pain due to improper object lifting. Picking objects by bending put pressure on your back.

It can also damage your spine. It puts pressure on and causes severe lower back pain.

Recommendations To Reduce Lower Back Pain When Walking

These recommendations can reduce severe lower back pain while walking. I, as a doctor, applied these recommendations to my patients.

1. Exercise Good Walking Posture:

One can end this pain by exercising a good waking posture. To have a good walking posture, keep your spine aligned with your body while walking. It divides the weight into equal parts over the body.

I recommend exercising appropriate footwork. It helps in a better flow of blood. Also, try to put your head up to decrease stress from your neck.

2. Massage Treatment:

Another effective recommendation is to have a massage for lower back pain. It should be a combination of stretches and exercises.

Massage treatment improves blood flow and makes your body work more actively. One should take a massage treatment once in a while.

3. Yoga:

Yoga is the most effective recommendation for reducing lower back pain. While practicing any yoga, you should consult a doctor or couch. Different doctors may suggest different yoga exercises.

One should consult the doctor before adopting any therapy. Physicians can guide you better about your problem and its solutions.

4. Physical Therapy:

Physical therapy includes physical activities that strengthen your muscles to work effectively.

For this purpose, one should consult a doctor or a physical therapist. Doctors can suggest the best exercises according to your pain. In this exercise, you put less pressure on your back which cures lower back pain.

5. Sustain A Healthy Weight:

More weight can cause more pain in your lower back while walking. It puts pressure on your legs and feet.

Try to maintain a healthy diet to keep your weight normal and reduce lower back pain.

6. Correct Your Sitting At The Workplace:

Your sitting position is another important part. People who have to sit for long hours and those working in the office face lower back pain while walking.

Those people should correct their sitting positions. They should buy a comfortable chair supporting their back.

7. Hot And Cold Therapy:

Hot and cold therapy is an effective remedy for pain relief. It can be used with other methods to have the best results. Both of these therapies work in different manners.

Cold therapy reduces the blood flow in the body. Reduced blood flow helps to reduce swelling. Cold therapy is excellent for joints that have been pulled while walking. In short, it reduces lower back pain.

Heat therapy is better for blood circulation in your lower back. It relaxes your muscles. This therapy allows nutrient-rich blood to flow into tissues that need healing.

When To Consult A Physician

Consult a doctor for severe pain in the lower back while walking or sitting. Take necessary precautions and medication.

Doctor - lower back pain while walking

People with lower back pain should follow different recommendations. Those recommendations should depend on their pain level.

Do not ignore any of these explained causes, and visit your doctor in case of pain.

Patients observing discomfort while sitting or walking should visit a physician. Scratchy feeling or impassiveness around the body, can be a major reason for lower back pain.


One should consult a doctor while having feelings of lower back pain. Swelling at the back indicates an inner infection. One should visit a doctor before it gets worse.

While walking take some rest and then start again. It can make your lower back much better.

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