Why Does My Lower Back Hurt When I Clean – Causes & Treatment

Why does my lower back hurt when I clean? I hear this question more often from my patients. They face serious lower back pain when they clean.

What Will I learn

It can be due to various reasons. It indicates your underlying medical condition. It can get serious with time if not treated at the initial stage.

Why Does My Lower Back Hurt When I Clean

When you clean, it involves all your body muscles and strength. Your complete body works while the cleaning process. This is the major reason for lower back pain while cleaning.

During the cleaning process, people don’t consider the basic tips. They ignore the precautions and then face the consequences in the form of body aches.

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Cleaning is a more stressful and complex process. It creates tension in your muscles and tissues. It causes stiffness in your body muscles and joints.

It would be best to keep the precaution in mind before cleaning. It can help you a lot to reduce lower back pain after cleaning.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain After Cleaning

Lower back pain after cleaning can be very stressful and chronic. There are several causes that I have observed in my patients.

The following are the most common causes of lower back pain after cleaning;

1. Muscles Strain:

Muscle strain can be a major reason for lower back pain after cleaning. It can happen due to a lack of flexibility in body muscles. You may feel more pain while bending.

If you feel a sharp pain on the side of your body, you might have strained a muscle in your back. Due to strained muscles, you feel a reduced range of motion.

2. Poor Technique:

During cleaning, your technique matters a lot. You should know the right technique for cleaning. Different tools need different techniques.

There are certain ways due to which you may feel less pain while cleaning. If you bend long while cleaning, it causes lower back pain. It creates stress in your back muscles.

3. Improper Posture:

Incorrect posture is another adding factor to lower back pain after cleaning. Incorrect posture can lead to chronic lower back pain, which lasts for a long time.

While cleaning, when you bend, it inserts extra pressure on the lower back. It makes the back muscles more tense and tight. Due to tenderness in back muscles, you face lower back pain after cleaning.

4. Weak Back Muscles:

People who already have weak back muscles should avoid cleaning for too long. They should follow precautions before cleaning. It can cause chronic lower back pain after cleaning.

They should consult a physician about their weak muscles. Doctors can suggest better and applied cleaning methods without hurting their backs.

5. Heavy Object Lifting:

While cleaning, you lift some heavy objects to clean thoroughly. Lifting heavy objects causes stress in your back muscles. It can cause lower back pain after cleaning.

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It would be best if you tried to lift heavy objects with the help of others. It reduces stress in your body’s muscles and joints.

6. Extra Weight:

Our back supports the entire weight of the body. When weight is increased, it puts extra pressure on the lower back.

While cleaning extra weight causes stress and tension in your back muscles and tissues. Due to this stress in the back, you may face strained muscles.

Tips To Avoid Lower Back Pain After Cleaning

I, as a doctor, recommend these tips to my patients. They have seen quick relief and positive results after adopting these tips.

The following tips are based on my medical experience. They are effective and long-lasting tips.

1. Take Rest:

Having some rest can decrease your back pain. Lower back hurts when you work for a long time. It makes the back muscles tight and tender.

Due to this, most people face lower back pain while cleaning. Take some rest whenever you feel normal back pain. After cleaning, you should try to take bed rest so your muscles can relax.   

2. Stretching:

Doing cleaning for a long time makes your back muscle tight and tense. Stretching relaxes your body’s tight tissues and muscles.

It releases the stress from your body and relief the pain. Also, take some breaks during your cleaning time. Perform little stretching and make your back relaxed.

3. Exercise:

Add a little exercise to your daily routine. Adopt any physical activity to keep your body active and flexible. It can alleviate body aches.

It makes muscles and bones strong. It improves blood supply to all body parts and muscles. Don’t try activities that are hard to perform. Always start with easy activities.

4. Ice or Heat Therapy:

You can have ice or heat therapy at home by yourself. For ice therapy, you need some ice packs. You have to apply the ice pack to the affected area. Use ice packs for 20 – 25 minutes.

Heat therapy makes blood circulation better in the body. You can have heat pads for this therapy. Don’t use heat pads for a long time it can burn your skin.

5. Massage Therapy:

For lower back pain after cleaning, you should try massage therapy. Massage helps in softening the nervous tissues of the body. It releases stress from your body.

You feel fresh and energetic after the massage therapy. You can ask your family to apply some massage therapies to you. Follow the techniques of massage for back pain.

6. Correct Your Posture:

Your back involves the spine and neck. Your spine is important to maintain your posture. It would be best if you tried to keep your posture correct.

Lower back pain makes it hard to hold a correct posture for a long time. Try different exercises to improve your posture. By correcting your posture, you can get rid of lower back pain after cleaning.

7. Healthy Diet:

Try to have a healthy diet plan. What you eat in a day also affects your body. Healthy food makes the body stronger and more active.

Unhealthy food damages the body’s muscles and tissues. Add vegetables, fruits, and other healthy food. They fulfill the basic need for vitamins and nutrients in your body.

8. Yoga:

Try yoga and meditation. Yoga prevents stress and stiffness in your lower back muscles. Yoga helps to improve the range of motion and flexibility of the body.

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It can heal your body from the inside. It gives you the feeling of calm and stress-free.

When To Consult A Physician

Lower back pain after cleaning can get worse after some time. It can cause injury in your back muscles. It can be a life-threatening condition.

If you notice the initial symptoms of lower back pain after cleaning. You should consult your physician. Your physician can guide you better about your health condition.

They examine you and suggest appropriate treatment options to reduce lower back pain. Try to consult an experienced physician for lower back pain.


Cleaning is a basic necessity of daily routine. You have to clean your place to maintain hygiene. It affects your health if you keep your place dirty and uncleaned.

Cleaning comes with many side effects as well. If not done according to proper precautions, it can cause serious body ache.

Lower back pain after cleaning is the major problem everyone who cleans faces. During the cleaning process, the back muscles feel stressed and stiff.

This stiffness and stress cause pain in your lower back. The muscles become tenser. This pain can get worse with the passage of time.

You need to follow proper tips to clean without affecting your back muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do Tools Affect The Body While Cleaning?

Cleaning with inappropriate tools can cause lower back pain. Your tools should be environmentally friendly. They should be easy to use and handle.

Cleaning tools should be lightweight so you can use them easily. They should be made of a material which causes no pollution. Try tools with handles so you can reach difficult areas as well.

2. How Often Should We Do Cleaning To Avoid Lower Back Pain?

Cleaning is a time taking process. It includes all your body muscles and joints. You can’t perform cleaning every day while having lower back pain.

It would help to take little breaks during the cleaning process. You should take a rest after cleaning to make your muscles relaxed. Do little stretching to make your muscles flexible.

3. Can Stress Affect The Lower Back Muscles?

Having stress for a long time can affect your lower back muscles. Due to stress, your muscles get tight. This tightness makes your muscles and tissues weak.

They can’t hold the stress in your backbones. This causes pain in the lower back due to stress. It makes your spine and back joints weak.

This pain can get worse with more tension and stress while cleaning. If you do not take proper rest, they can cause chronic lower back pain.

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