Does Lower Back Pain Stunt Growth – Causes & Treatment Options

People of growing age are concerned: does lower back pain stunt growth? Lower back pain is a common problem faced by everyone nowadays.

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Lower back pain can be a major cause of stunt growth. It can further lead to many other disabilities in your body. Understand the root cause, and then start treatment as soon as possible.

Does Lower Back Pain Stunt Growth?

Yes, lower back pain can stunt growth. Due to lower back pain, you face stress in your back muscles and tissues. It affects the spine and muscles around it.

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These stressed muscles cause growth problems. It stunts the growth of children. Stressed muscles insert the pressure on your back muscles. It causes stiffness in your back.

I’ve seen in many patients that lower back pain is the major cause of stunted growth. It affects the body’s muscles and hormones.

Causes Of Stunt Growth In Children

Causes of stunt growth can be of different natures in children. Some may face this problem due to stressed muscles, or it may be due to genetic problems.

These are the most common causes of stunt growth I’ve observed in children. The following is the list of those causes;

1. Stressful Muscles:

Stressful muscles are the leading cause of growth problems in children. It has been seen in many children that stressed or tense muscles affect their spine and back.

They insert extra pressure on the back and cause lower back pain. Children may face stressed muscles because of incorrect posture, heavy bags, and lack of exercise.

2. Musculoskeletal Strain:

It is known as musculoskeletal strain if you face any injury in your muscles’ soft tissues. In this condition, you feel less strength while performing any task.

It causes weakness and pain in your muscles and joints. This disease affects the growth of children. There may be a chance that it stops your child’s growth.

3. Incorrect Posture:

Incorrect posture position affects the growth process in children. Children have to sit for a long time. If they have incorrect posture, it can affect their growth hormones.

It stops the growth process. Children should know how to sit properly to avoid lower back pain. They should have comfortable chairs which support their back.

4. Carrying Heavy Weight:

School-going children have to carry heavy bags on their shoulders. This causes stress on their spine and lowers their back. It affects the growth mechanisms in growing kids.

It also causes serious pain in their shoulders and neck.

5. Scoliosis:

Scoliosis occurs during infancy or between the ages of 10-15. This condition impacts around 3% of the population. It is an abnormal side-to-side twist of your spine.

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I have seen many people with scoliosis who have pain when they breathe. It is due to pressure from their ribcage and spine against their heart and lungs.

6. Overweight:

Children with extra weight face growth problems more often. Extra weight on your abdomen, neck, and back affects the growth hormones.

It causes pressure on your organs and especially on your lower back. Due to this, children face lower back pain. Being overweight can also lead to breathing problems.

7. Spondylolysis:

Spondylolysis is the condition in which a child may have a fracture in the spinal vertebra. It can happen in children due to inappropriate movement or sports.  

If you have difficulty maintaining a straight posture and pain in the buttocks, you may have spondylolysis disease. Children who swims face spondylolysis more often.

8. Genetic Problem:

Some children face growth issues because of genetics. If one of your parents or both are short in height. There may be a possibility that you also face the same problem.

Height, color, and many other factors come through genes. This can’t be cured with treatment.

Treatment Options To Cure Stunted Growth

There are different treatment options for the different age groups of children. Some children need basic treatment, and others need constant treatment.

The following are the basic treatment options based on my experience. I’ve seen positive results in children after adopting these treatments.

1. Maintain Weight:

Weight is the major reason for stunted growth. Extra weight inserts the pressure on your back. It makes it difficult for the lower back to bear all the weight. That’s why some people face stunted growth due to lower back pain.

Try to maintain a healthy weight. Adopt different exercises to control your weight. It will make your body work more effectively.

2. Correct Your Posture:

Your back involves the spine and neck. Your spine is important to maintain your posture. It would be best if you tried to keep your posture correct.

Choose an exercise that stables your back when you can correct your posture and keep it straight. By correcting your posture, you can get rid of lower back pain.

3. Exercise With Stretching:

Stunted growth problems can be cured with proper exercise and stretching. Stretching relaxes the tight muscles and tissues of the body.  

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Exercise makes the muscles stronger and more flexible. It helps to grow children more effectively.

4. Take Rest:

Having some rest can decrease your lower back pain. Lower back hurts when you sit or walk for a long time. It makes the back muscles tight and tender.

Due to this, most people face growth issues due to lower back. Take some rest whenever you feel normal back pain.   

5. Adopt A Healthy Diet:

Adopt a healthy diet in your life.  Consumption of healthy food reduces the chance of stress on your body. It increases the working of growth hormones in the body.

Try to avoid the increased intake of large meals. They can affect your weight as well.

6. Yoga:

Try yoga and meditation. Yoga prevents stress and stiffness in your lower back muscles. Yoga helps to improve the range of motion and flexibility of the body.

It can heal your body from the inside. You must do yoga every day for 10- 15 minutes. It can help in numerous ways. It helps to make the growth process better.

When To Consult A Physician

Lower back pain stunts the growth process. Children who face lower back pain will have growth problems as well. Lower back pain causes discomfort in your body muscles and tissues.

It reduces flexibility and range of motion as well. It makes the back and spine stressed. Further, it leads to posture problems, imbalance in the body, and stunted growth.

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If your child feels normal back pain, you should take necessary treatment. Acute lower back pain can get better with some rest and exercise.

It can become chronic lower back pain if it is not getting better. It can be dangerous. At this moment, you should consult your physician. They will examine you and suggest treatment options for you.

Children of different age groups will need different treatment techniques. They can have various causes of stunted growth. Your physician can guide your better according to your health.


Stunted Growth is a major problem we notice in children now. It makes them less strong and flexible. It can lead to many other defects in the body.

Stress in muscles, poor posture, and extra weight affect your child’s growth. These decrease the number of growth hormones and stunt growth.

You should take your child’s health seriously before it becomes critical. Consult your doctor. Try basic treatment options to cure this problem.

Growth hormones need proper nutrients and rest to work properly. Keep your muscles relaxed. Try to keep your posture correct.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Causes Lower Back Pain In Children?

Children can also face lower back pain. They might have lower back pain due to various reasons. The cause of back pain may vary from child to child.

Poor posture, carrying heavy bags, unhealthy diet, and stressed muscles are causes of lower back pain in children. It can be cured with extra care and treatment.

2. How Does Massage Therapy Improve Growth In Children?

Massage therapy works to reduce the stress on the muscles of the body. They relax the muscles and make blood circulation better in the body.  

You can try different types of massage therapy to relax your stiff back muscles. The growth hormones can work more effectively when the stressed muscles are relaxed.

3. Does Sleep Affect The Growth Process?

Sleeping positions can affect a child’s growth process. Sleeping in inappropriate and uncomforted positions causes stress in back muscles. Due to this stress, children face stunted growth.

Try to guide them about the correct sleeping positions. They can use a pillow to correct their sleeping position to reduce stress in the back.

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