Can I Use Crutches For Lower Back Pain – Tips & Tricks

My patients ask me about crutches for back pain relief. The patient is concerned about can I use crutches for lower back pain? It needs guidance and tips to use crutches for back pain.

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Crutches are used for lower back pain because they provide a good balance for the body. If you are facing any injury or pain in your legs and back, you can use crutches for lower back pain.

Can I Use Crutches For Lower Back Pain

Yes, you can use crutches for lower back pain. Crutches are recommended for any injury you face in your legs, back, and other body parts. It maintains the proper balance in the body, which relieves pain.

Crutches - Can I Use Crutches For Lower Back Pain

It helps in reducing stress on muscles and joints. It provides better movement of joints and limbs.

Before using crutches for back pain, you should consult your physician. They can guide you better about how to use crutches for any pain. If you don’t use it in the right way, it can cause severe back pain.

Types Of Crutches For Lower Back Pain

Before using crutches, you should know the three basic types of crutches. Your physician can guide you about which type of crutches suit you better. These work for different types of lower back pain relief.

They make it easy to move and walk. They shift the burden of one leg over to the crutches.

1. Forearm Crutches:

Forearm crutches are used to help people in making their walking better. When people face back pain, they find it hard to walk. They need something for support to help them in their movement.

Forearm crutches consist of handgrips and forearm cuffs. They support the weight of the patient. Forearm crutches are best to use for long-term injury.

You should know how to fit these crutches with your body. It would help if you had three fingers gap between the elbow and the top of the forearm cuff.

2. Underarm Crutches:

Underarm crutches are used more often than forearm crutches. These crutches are easy to hold and use. These are placed underarm for balance and support while walking.

Underarm crutches are used for short-term injuries like knee and ankle injuries. People who find it hard to walk on one leg use these crutches more often.

pain - Can I Use Crutches For Lower Back Pain

Underarm crutches are adjustable according to your height. They are used for faster walking and movement. They offer spring at the bottom. This spring allows the patient to push further.

3. Gutter Crutches:

Gutter crutches are the best option for rheumatoid and arthritis patients. It is used to provide support to the body while walking. It distributes the weight of the body over the crutches.

Soft pads are used for the forearm part of these crutches. It helps to maintain balance in the body. Gutter crutches are purposely designed for patients facing impaired grip and arthritis.

4. Lightweight Aluminum Crutches:

Lightweight aluminum crutches are made of lightweight aluminum. They are lighter than wood crutches. They have dual push buttons, which help in height adjustment.

Lightweight aluminum crutches are suitable for leg recovery. They are more often used for minor back mediation. They are light in weight so you can carry them with you wherever you want.

Tips For Using Crutches While Walking For Back Pain:

Keep these initial tips in your mind before using crutches. It can help you to relieve pain. If not used in the proper order, it can cause more pain and fatigue in your body.

Some basic tips are described below;

1. Take Small Steps:

Try to take small steps while using crutches. It makes walking easy and comfortable. Steps over small distances are easy to make and move forward.

Taking large steps can make it hard for crutches to maintain balance in the body. There is a chance that you may fall while taking large steps.

2. Hands Support:

Use your hand support to move. When you use hand support, bend your body in the forward direction. It can allow you to move easily.

When you move your body forward, crutches feel less weight. So you can move your legs. It makes you feel less stress on your back.

3. Maintain Balance:

Maintaining your balance over crutches is the basic tip. While holding crutches, it is important to maintain balance. Put your weight on the handles of the crutches.

Balance - Can I Use Crutches For Lower Back Pain

At the start, you can ask anyone to help you stand straight with crutches. You can move by yourself when you feel you can maintain your balance.

4. Be Careful:

Look at the path while walking instead of looking at your feet. It can make moving easy. Try to move any hurdle coming your way through crutches.

Practice walking with crutches so you can know how to handle them perfectly. Use them carefully, so it did not hurt any other body part.

5. Use Correct Muscles:

While using crutches for lower back pain, use the correct muscles. You have to use your upper body and arms to support your body’s weight.

It would help if you asked your physician about the muscle and arm movement for crutches. They can guide you better about which muscle should be used for crutches.

6. Get Your Crutches Fitted:

Before walking, you should ensure that your crutches are fitted well. Your hands should be in a position where your elbow can bend easily.

Hands should grip the crutches strongly so you can walk without fear. If you lean on crutch pads with armpits, it can damage your arm muscles.

7. Wear Supportive Shoes:

While walking on crutches, always wear comfortable and supportive shoes. They make walking easy. You Avoid wearing heels and uncomfortable shoes.

They can make you fall and difficult to walk. Flat shoes or sneakers are the best options for crutches. Your feet should be flat on the ground to avoid inconvenience.

When To Consult A Physician

Lower back pain makes it hard to move independently. It makes it difficult to stand without any support. Crutches are the best option for lower back pain. It provides support to your back and legs.

Try crutches if the pain is not getting better after rest or medication. It will help to maintain your weight over the crutches. Practice walking using crutches.

Different types of crutches are available in the market according to your pain level. Your physician can guide you about which crutches type you should use.


Crutches provide support to your body while walking. You rely on your upper body and arms to move on crutches. They are made of wood and have soft pads to hold them properly.

You should know the right way to use crutches. If you don’t use them in the correct way, it can produce stiffness in your back muscles. It inserts extra pressure on your back.

Frequently Asked Question

1. When Do I Need Crutches For Lower Back Pain?

When you are feeling constant back pain, it isn’t easy to move without support. It creates stiffness in your back then you need crutches. Crutches help you to move easily.

It provides support to your back and legs. It can balance your weight. It also helps to decrease stress on your lower back.

2. Which Type Of Crutches Is Better For Me?

Different types of crutches are available in the market. They support different types of body pain. All of them are good for the body and pain relief. Forearm crutches are useful for long-term injury.

For a short-term injury like ankle and knee, underarm catches are the best option. They support your back and reduce stress. Your physician can suggest better crutches options according to your pain type.

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