Lower Back Pain Before BFP – Causes & Treatments

Lower back pain before BFP is a major problem for women. There can be various reasons for lower back pain. Women may experience lower back pain before pregnancy. It can be a symptom of big fat pregnancy.

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We will see some major causes of lower back pain before BFP and the possible treatment options. These causes and treatments are based on my clinical history. It can differ from woman to woman.

Lower Back Pain Before BFP

Loose muscles or connective tissues inserts extra pressure on the spine. Any pressure on the spine causes pain in the lower back. Lower back pain before BFP can get worse if not treated at the initial state.

Various factors like weight gain, incorrect posture, and stress cause back pain. To avoid lower back pain before BFP, women should consult a doctor and get medication.

Your daily routine and activities can also affect your back. Try to add a healthy diet and various exercises in your daily routine. Don’t take any stress.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain Before BFP

Lower back pain before BFP can be due to several causes. Causes can vary from one woman to other. But these are the most common causes I’ve seen in my medical career.

Pain - Lower back pain before BFP

These are the initial stages of lower back pain. If these causes are not treated correctly and get worse, they can cause serious lower back pain.

1. Increase in Hormone

Hormonal changes are the big reason for lower back pain. When a woman gets pregnant, it makes a lot of changes in her body.

Her body releases some hormones to help muscles in the pelvis to be softened than usual.

These hormones affect the complete body joint and muscles. This has a huge impact on the lower back. That’s why women feel lower back pain.

2. Weight Gain:

Our back supports the entire weight of the body. When weight is increased, it puts extra pressure on the lower back. Due to this stress in the back, Women face strained muscles and tissues.

If women face lower back pain before BFP, there is a chance that they will face it during their pregnancy. Try to avoid this pain during and before pregnancy.

3. Poor Posture:

Poor posture is another adding factor to lower back pain before BFP. Incorrect posture can lead to serious back pain. The wrong posture inserts extra pressure on the lower back.

It makes the back muscles more tense and tight. Due to tenderness in back muscles, women face lower back pain. Get yourself checked properly before it gets a worse form of lower back pain.

4. Constant Stress:

Constant stress can cause lower back pain. Due to stress, our muscles and tissues get tight and tender. This tightness and tenderness make the back weak. The stressed body becomes weak.

It causes lower back pain before BFP. Try to do activities that can reduce your stress. Yoga and meditation can help you release your stress. It relaxes you from the inside.

5. Improper Sleep:

Peaceful sleep makes your body relaxed and releases stress. Proper sleep and rest can cure all your body pains and joint aches. It can create stiffness in your muscles.

You can face severe lower back pain if you do not have proper sleep and rest. Your body needs rest so the muscles can relax. Sleep is important for a healthy and strong body.

Treatment Options For Lower Back Pain Before BFP

Lower back pain before BFP can improve by opting for different treatment options. I recommend these initial treatment options to my patients.

They have felt improvement in their back pain after applying these options. These are the most common and applied treatments for lower back pain before BFP.

1. Take Rest:

Lower back pain can get better with taking proper rest. The body needs to be relaxed. When your muscles and tissues feel relaxed and calm, you will feel less pain in your back.

Do not stand or sit for a long time. Try to keep walking after some time. If sitting, then try to do some stretching. It makes the muscles relaxed and makes the blood flow better.

2. Correct Your Posture:

Half of the back pain can get better by practicing good posture. Bad posture inserts extra pressure on the back. Due to correct posture, you can make your back muscles relaxed and stress-free.

Cramps - Lower back pain before BFP

Try to stand straight with your shoulders and back relaxed. While sitting, always choose a comfortable chair that can support your back.

3. Try Ice Or Heat Massage:

Heat and ice massage helps in getting your lower back better. You can try both massages by consulting a doctor. Put ice packs on your shoulders. It will make reduce the selling of muscles.

Heat pads are important to make blood stimulation better. It increases blood circulation in the body. Avoid using ice packs and heat pads for a longer time.

4. Little Exercise:

Add a little exercise to your daily routine. Adopt any physical activity to keep your body active and flexible. Don’t try activities that are hard to perform. Always start with easy activities.

Do little stretching. Stretching makes the body’s muscles more flexible. It makes the tight tissues relax. It makes the blood flow better in the body.

5. Sleep On Your Side:

Try to sleep on your side instead of sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your back can make it hard for you to sleep. You should use pillows to sleep relaxed.

Correct your sleeping positions with the help of a pillow. Place pillows under your abdomen and behind your back. Your pillow should support your back while sleeping.

6. Healthy Diet:

Try to have a healthy diet plan. What you eat in a day also affects your body. Healthy food makes the body stronger and more active.

Unhealthy food damages the body’s muscles and tissues. Add vegetables, fruits, and other healthy food. They fulfill the basic need for vitamins and nutrients in your body.

7. Yoga:

Try yoga and meditation. Yoga prevents stress and stiffness in your lower back muscles. Yoga helps to improve the range of motion and flexibility of the body.

It can heal your body from the inside. You must do yoga every day for 10- 15 minutes. It can help in numerous ways.

When To Consult A Physician

Before BFP is in the initial stage, lower back pain can be cured by following precautions. It would be best to try chiropractors or massage therapists for lower back pain. They help a lot in curing lower back pain.

If your pain is not getting better even after rest. There may be a chance that you have chronic lower back pain. Get yourself examined and checked thoroughly.

You should consult your physician when the lower back pain gets worse and constant. A doctor can guide you better about your condition. They can offer different medications or treatments depending on your pain level.


Lower back pain before BFP for women is an underlying medical condition. It can get worse with time if preventive measures are not taken properly.

Women need to take better care of themself. They should try to follow a healthy daily routine. They can adopt different physical activities to avoid this pain.

You must consult a doctor if the pain is not improving after the basic treatment. It can be chronic lower back pain. It needs full attention and care at the initial stage.

Doctors can recommend various medications and massage therapies. For massage therapy, you should consult a professional and experienced therapist.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Causes Of Lower Back Pain Before BFP?

Lower back pain before BFP can be due to several reasons. The major cause of this pain is incorrect posture, weight gain, and constant stress. These factors increase lower back pain.

Women should avoid all these reasons to avoid lower back pain. Back pain can cause before BFP. But if t gets worse, then it needs proper treatment and medication.

2. How To Avoid Lower Back Pain Before Bfp?

If you have lower back pain before BFP possible, you’ll also face this pain during pregnancy. Avoid back pain by adopting a healthy routine and basic treatment options.

Keep reforming little exercises. You should have a heat or ice massage. Try yoga to relax your body’s muscles and tissues. It makes blood circulation better.

3. How Do Women Can Relieve Back Pain Before BFP?

Lower back pain can be due to different reasons. It can be due to weak back muscles and poor posture. Women can avoid lower back pain before bfp by taking the necessary tips.

When you feel any pain in your back, you should consult a physician to know the root cause of this pain. Get medication and treatment for your back pain.

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